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Metal Gear Solid 1 ( PC )

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    Metal Gear Solid 1 ( PC )

    I need some help with running this game properly.

    I have a Via kt133a chipset based mobo and Sapphire Radeon 9100 64 MB.

    I have a dual boot system: Win XP and Win 98 SE. Both have 3.2 cats, via 4.46 hyperion drivers and thrustmapper, rage3d tweak.

    Now about the problem. I can play the game in XP just fine, but then I switch to 98 SE and run the game I'm not able to change the resolutions in it,
    because it causes an error and I'm switched back to 320X240 software mode which is not a nice thing. I looked at the log that MGS
    writtes and I found out that it cuases an error then switching to fullscreen. I know I can run the game in XP, but I want to figure out
    what's wrong with 98SE. Also Colin MCrae Rally and Rayman 3 cause me some troubles. So what's wrong ?

    P.S. In MGS in both XP and 98 SE the bottom of the screen is black (
    It shouldn't be black).