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FireGL v8600 Overheat

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    FireGL v8600 Overheat

    System Specs:

    Asus M4A79T DELUXE mobo
    Phenom x4 955 cpu
    Corsair 750W PSU
    4gb ddr3 ram
    winXP sp3

    I recently bought a FireGL v8600 and it runs very hot. AMD overdrive tells me 80 degs C while under zero load. Could this have anything to do with mobo voltage settings? Does anyone know of compatible software with the fireGLs to boost up the fan speed manually? If anyone has any insight please share. Thanks in advance.

    cant you set the fan in CCC?

    what kind of case do you have? nothing with mobo voltage (but the gpu core should have its own 2d/3d speeds & volts)

    v8600 is based on 2900xt right?
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