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Best non ATI FireGL drivers? (especially for pre R300 cards)

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    Best non ATI FireGL drivers? (especially for pre R300 cards)

    Obviously the ideal drivers are usually either ATI official or schneider drivers.

    However, in the case where you need later functions than the official drivers provide, or (as in my case) when you're running multiple ATI cards and the FireGL 8800 drivers decide they *really* don't like the 9250 PCI - what's the best alternative?

    There's the Omega drivers, which seem to generally be ok, but misconfigure OpenGL support on some(all?) FireGL cards.

    There's others like DNA (not tried yet). Has anyone tried more, with successful results (i.e. stable, with accelerated FireGL OpenGL enabled)


    To answer my own question; I wouldn't recommend using the DNA drivers - whilst they do work, and correctly identify the 9250 as a 9250 (something the Omega drivers don't do - they identify it as a 9200 Pro), the latest version as of this moment contains a lacklustre 9250 driver.

    I eventually moved the 9250 to a different slot, install the Catalyst 6.11-pre r300 drivers, then install the IBM 8.083.1 FireGL 8800 drivers over the top. This works, disabling the .NET based control centre, unsurprisingly. OpenGL is fully accelerated on both displays - although the 9250's support isn't up to that much..

    If I was doing it again, I'd install catalyst *without* the control centre as it seems redundant.