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Ati Fire Mv 2400 Quad Card

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    Ati Fire Mv 2400 Quad Card

    Good morning All

    I’ve having issues with a ATI FIRE MV 2400 QUAD CARD ON A HP 7700p sff workstation

    As per the ATI knowledge articles I’ve disabled the onboard graphics in device manager and also changed the bios to boot off the ATI card.

    Its boots into windows XP fine however after a few minutes the screens go blank.

    The refresh is set to 60 HZ so it isn’t too high a refresh rate. The same issue with the screen going black occurs in VGA MODE anyway.

    Also if I install the ATI control panel component it does not start at all. It freezes on the XP screen.

    Any tips?

    I’ve tried an alternate PCI slot on the mother board and the latest ATI drivers from the website. I’ve also flashed the BIOS with the latest version from HP. But no joy so far.

    Safe mode works ok . I’m just wondering if there is an alternate driver configuration?

    any pointers appreciated




    MV2400 Configuration

    Hi Nick,

    I built a multi display unit (5 pak) with an ASUS 5K SE Mobo and an additional Radeon 9250 card to supply the fifth output.
    If I recall...
    I installed all the drivers for both cards and did nothing to the Bios settings.
    What I had to do was uninstall and reinstall the drivers a couple of times.
    I believe that I finally got the MV to work with the latest d-load (at the time) from ATI.
    It is version 8.401.0.0 7/27/2007.

    I am able to stretch the desktop across all 5 displays and boot up has been consistent and reliable.
    My goal is to have this sytem running under Linusx with these capabilities, but the word rom ATI is that there are no Linux drivers for the MV2400 and no drivers are planned.