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3DLabs "Refocus" PC marketplace

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    3DLabs "Refocus" PC marketplace

    "3Dlabs® Inc., Ltd. will refocus its 3D graphics business on the portable handheld device market and de-emphasize its professional workstation graphics business.

    3Dlabs will transition from the shrinking professional workstation graphics market to focus on portable handheld devices which require intensive media processing for video, audio and increasingly powerful 3D graphics. This will result in a workforce reduction of approximately 100 3Dlabs employees"

    Read more here.
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    Yep, another one bites the dust .

    Does that just leave nvidia and ATI in the high-end graphics business these days? I kind of lost track of Matrox and the others over the last couple of years.


      Yes, only ATI FireGL's and Nvidia Quadro's line battling it out for the workstation crown, with Matrox to a much lesser extent competing.

      A shame to see 3DLabs bow out of the highend workstation arena, they did offer great products.
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      Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)


        that card looks long as hell...
        AMD 780G AMD 5050e ATI 4830 4GB DDR2 Windows 7 RC/Fedora11


          It's a full-length PCI-Express card: only a problem if your case puts the hard disks right opposite the 16x slot so there's too little room (which many do!).


            The only reason they "refocused" or something was due to their new overlords, Creative.

            I really hope they "refocus" into PC gaming, since Creative is in charge now, and Creative seems pretty gung-ho about putting gaming products out.
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