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fire gl vs x1xxx

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    fire gl vs x1xxx

    i have several questions about fire gl and the x1xxx line of video cards.

    first let me explain what i am doing.
    i use a software called esp vision. it is a visualizer for professional lighting rigs. i.e. the ability to pre program moving lights for events like rock concerts. (
    this software is very video card intensive as it renders, in real time, all the lights, their movement, patterns and color within a Venue.
    the makers of the software list the system specs as such:
    ESP Vision requires a 2.5 gig processor; 512 meg of RAM; Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003; a fully Direct X 9.0 compatible video card with at least 128 megs of RAM supporting vertex shader 2.0 or better and pixel shader 2.0 or better.
    i have used a system with a single x850 256mg card and have had frame rates at 2fps.
    here is my question, which card has more processing power, the fire gl7100 or the x1800. furthermore can the fire gl be installed in a dual configuration and if so would it be faster that the x1800 crossfire dual setup. cost is not an issue, great graphics are a must.
    i have tried to assess the difference in the specs of the two cards but ati's website does not seem to have corresponding specs that are comparable. i have also spoken with the manufacturer of the software and they have not tried their software with anything but the "gaming" style cards and they are rather light on knowledge about ati products in general.
    any light somebody can shed any light on this would be very helpful and cherished.
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