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Force the Catalyst drivers to work on a FireGL

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    Force the Catalyst drivers to work on a FireGL

    This is the simplest way to correctly install the Catalyst drivers on a FireGL X1-128 in Windows XP. For those with other FireGL models, merely amending the sections relating the cards DeviceID to your own models should also result in a success.

    [i][b]ATI FireGL Model		DeviceID	VendorID	SubSystemID[/b][/i][b][/b]
    ATI FireGL V3100		0x5B64		1002
    ATI FireGL V3200		0x3E54		1002
    ATI FireGL V5100		0x5551		1002
    ATI FireGL V7100                0x5550          1002
    ATI FireGL X1-128		0x4E47		1002		0172
    ATI FireGL X1-256		0x4E47		1002		0152
    ATI FireGL X2-256/X2-256t	0x4E4B		1002		0152
    ATI FireGL X3-256		0x4A4D		1002		
    ATI FireGL Z1			0x4147		1002		0172
    ATI FireGL T2  			0x4154		1002
    For Windows 2000 users, alter the [WIN2K] headers instead of the [WINXP] sections and alter file "C2_17633.INI" instead of "CX_17633.INI" as shown in this guide. (Guide based on 4.9 Official Catalyst driver download, large package.)

    Software to download

    The latest Catalyst drivers from here.

    RivaTuner from here.

    RadLinker from here.

    Getting Started

    Double click the downloaded Catalyst package, wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633c.exe. You will get an error "Setup was unable to find components that can be installed ...". Click OK, which will cancel it.

    Now browse to where the extracted files are located, which would be C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C.

    There are four things that need to be changed in order to make any Catalyst driver work with a FireGL X1-128.

    Step One

    With RivaTuner installed, double click "SoftR9x00 w2k.rts" located in C:\Program Files\RivaTuner\PatchScripts\ATI\SoftR9x00. The default is to force 9700 capabilites, which is fine as a FireGL X1-128 to all intent and purposes is a 9700 Pro.

    For a FireGL X2-256, select to force 9800 capabilities

    Click "Continue". Change the filetype to "ati2mtag.sy_" and browse to
    C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\Driver\2KXP_INF\B_17656 and select "ati2mtag.sy_".
    Another prompt will appear stating "This file is not certified to use with this patch script..", ignore it and click "Yes". It will then state "Patch script has been successfully executed". Click "Close".

    Step Two

    Browse to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\Driver and edit file "CX_17633.INI".
    Delete everything under the [WINXP] heading to just read the following:

    Looking at the table at top of page, we can see that "R6=DriverPath_R6,0x4E47:0x01721002" is based apon:
    (0x4E47 is the DeviceID and 0x0172 the SubsystemID + 1002 the SubsytemVendorID)

    Example: For a FireGL X2-256, change the DeviceID to read: R6=DriverPath_R6,0x4E4B:0x01521002
    Save and exit.

    Step Three

    Still in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\Driver, edit file "INSTALL.INI". Repeat the process of replacing everything under [WINXP] to:


    Example: Again, for a FireGL X2-256, we would change the DeviceID to read: R6=DriverPath_R6,0x4E4B:0x01521002
    Save and exit.

    Step Four

    Lastly, browse to folder C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\Driver\2KXP_INF and edit file "CX_17633.inf".

    Locate the following section:
    "RADEON 9700 PRO" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E44&SUBSYS_00021002
    "RADEON 9700 PRO - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E64&SUBSYS_00031002
    and alter it to read:

    "RADEON 9700 PRO" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E47&SUBSYS_01721002
    "RADEON 9700 PRO - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E67&SUBSYS_01731002
    Example for FireGL X2-256:

    Locate the following section:

    "RADEON 9800 PRO" = ati2mtag_R350, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E48&SUBSYS_00021002
    "RADEON 9800 PRO - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R350, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E68&SUBSYS_00031002

    and alter it to read:

    "RADEON 9800 PRO" = ati2mtag_R350, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E4B&SUBSYS_01521002
    "RADEON 9800 PRO - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R350, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E6B&SUBSYS_01531002

    Save and exit.

    Final Stage

    Remove any currently installed drivers and reboot. Cancel any attempts by Windows to install a driver and browse into folder C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\Driver and run "setup.exe".

    You will have no errors when installing, and effectively your FireGL X1-128 will be identified as a 9700 Pro. Complete the installation, but opt not to reboot just yet.

    Next, browse to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C\CPanel and run "setup.exe" to install the Catalyst control panel.

    Choose to reboot and start to enjoy the bugfixes/games performance improvements that the Catalyst drivers offer over the native FireGL's.
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    Thanks for the guide Shloppy
    Xeon E5-2650 | Asus GTX 1080 OC Strix | HyperX 32GB DDR4 | Corsair H60


      I got a problem. You can call me stupid , but I'm unable to figure out what to change with whatelse in case someone uses a Fire Gl 8800.



        A FireGL 8800 is, as far as I'm aware, a Radeon 8500 GPU. If that 's the case and with the knowledge that a FireGL 8800 ID's are:

        DeviceID: 5148
        VendorID: 1002
        Subsystem ID:0152
        Subsystem Vendor ID:1002

        As you use Windows 2000, in files C2_17633.INI and INSTALL.INI, you would amend them to read:


        As the Firegl 8800 has DeviceID 0x5148 whilst a Radeon 8500 DeviceID is 0x514C, we need to swap them.

        Open up C2_17633.inf and edit it :


        "RADEON 8500 SERIES" = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_514C&SUBSYS_013A1002
        "RADEON 8500 SERIES " = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_514C&SUBSYS_003A1002


        "RADEON 8500 SERIES" = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5148&SUBSYS_01521002
        "RADEON 8500 SERIES " = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5148&SUBSYS_01531002

        As I mentioned to you via PM, Direct3D will work fine but OpenGL will be broken. The reason being that Rivatuner's patch script doesn't support a pre-9500 graphics card. Only 9500, 9700 and 9800's are supported. Remember we had this conversation a while back concerning the patch bytes for the patchscript?

        As a last resort, have you attempted to use the Omega drivers, or taken the pre-modded ati2mtag.sys from there?
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        Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)


          Shloppy I have never received any PM from you unfortunately.

          So you are telling me that rather than mod the ati2mtag.sys from the Catalyst with RivaTuner, it would be better to use directly the one contained in the Omega?

          Or it would be better modding this one with RivaTuner ?

          Just for your information, I use OpenGl for gaming like CounterStrike.
          Would this...broken OpenGl affects me a lot?

          Thanks again Shloppy... still I'd like to meet in Glasgow for a beer !!!


            Sorry about that, I guess that PM got lost in the Royal Mail's postbags

            There is no harm in trying Omega's or attempting a mod of ati2mtag.sys yourself using Rivatuner. But I doubt the latter would work as you attempted it in the past and it failed.

            All things considered, your probably best to use the FireGL drivers for now.
            Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)



              I know I'm THE pain in the neck but... the Catalyst 4.6 and the 4.7 Beta... were supporting the Fire Gl 8800!
              It looks like in the BETAs they were adding support for this FireGl, but then it disappears in the normal revision.

              Am I saying bullsxxt ? Did you all know about this?
              Will then be possible.. to... upgrade from them ?

              Am I drunk and out of my mind?

              no... I will try the Catalyst 4.7 Beta as soon as I will find the W2k version and as soon as I'm home



                No your quite correct in that the Catalyst 4.7 beta did indeed have support for FireGL's. Up until these latest hotfixed modded 4.9's thats what I had installed.

                However, the jump from using said 4.7 beta's to the latest hotfixed Catalyst drivers in games such as FarCry or Doom 3 is considerable. The 4.7's for me had Doom 3 running poorly. But with latest hotfixed Catalyst, it runs super smooth

                But I'm about to RMA my FireGL, yet again. I'm starting to get sick of the card truth be told. Still, let's hope the RMA process doesn't take 3 weeks like it did last time.
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                  The beta of the 4.7 contains only the XP driver.
                  Is anybody capable of finding the beta of the W2K one?

                  Pleeeeeeeese :P


                    Shloppy I was thinking sooo many times to trash everything and get something proper..

                    But then you give a look at your account and you discover that food/rent and all those bloody expenses still have the priority!


                      hi, i did what is postet above, but there's still coming up this error: "Setup was unable to find components that can be installed ..."

                      i'm using a firegl x-1 256, what am i doing wrong? or do i have to change some thing??


                        how to convert radeon 9800 pro > fireGL
                        (driver version is : ATI CATALYST 4.10 )


                          So how are you supposed to get a Z1 to work? (256-Bit bus, 4x1 configuration) The only option in SoftRad seems to be forcing 8x1 as a Radeon 9500 Pro, which is unstable here.

                          (I sent a detailed PM to you Shloppy)


                            In reply to forum/PM points Zenith251:

                            The "Video not found" error is due to an incorrect setting in an .inf file. It cannot match the hardware ID of the card to any of the ID's listed in the .inf file(s).

                            Based on the previous RivaTuner build, I can't see patching "ati2mtag.sy_" to a 9500 would pose any problems. You could also try to force it as a 9700 and modify the subsequent .inf sections to unlock it to 8p. If you know what your doing, then:

                            Fire GL Z1 AGP Pro (128 MB)

                            ATI Fire GL Z1 Pro SECONDARY Video Accelerator=FGLRY,PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E67&SUBSYS_010B1002
                            ATI Fire GL Z1 Pro Video Accelerator=FGLRY,PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E47&SUBSYS_010a1002

                            Has all the info you'd need.

                            But back to the original query.

                            With Catalyst 4.9 as an example, you should modify CX_17633.INI and INSTALL.INI to read:


                            For a FireGL Pro Z1 you would amend the 9500 PRO / 9700 section and edit "CX_17633.inf" to replace:

                            "RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E45&SUBSYS_00021002
                            "RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700 - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E65&SUBSYS_00031002


                            "RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4147&SUBSYS_01721002
                            "RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700 - Secondary" = ati2mtag_R300, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4167&SUBSYS_01731002

                            If all else fails and you still can't modify the Catalyst drivers yourself, I'd suggest you grab the pre-modded 4.6/7 beta drivers from here.

                            These have native support for FireGL's and require no modification. From past experience, using modded Catalyst's results in the Dual DVI-I connectors of the FireGL line to no longer work correctly. Native FireGL drivers are the only solution as far as I'm aware.

                            You mentioned that your also experiencing corruption in movies when using the native FireGL drivers. Care to eloborate or post some screens?
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                              Ah! But you see good sir!

                              Thank you very much for such as hasty but detailed reply, I expected no such courtesy.

                              From my understanding, a FireGL Z1 is a 4x1 card (Radeon 9500 basd, not 9500 Pro/9700 Pro), so how would that affect this whole situation? Change the 9500 stock line instead of 9500 pro/ 9700? EDIT: What I mean to say is, the only difference between a X1 and a Z1 is the 4 extra pipes disabled, everything else is the same (At the base X1), including the clock speeds. So...I think you see where I'm going with this :EDIT

                              As for the video, WMP came back with overlay errors, and Media Player Classic, when expanded to full screen or even anything larger than the default video resolution, comes back much like a game running at 320x240. Broken edges, weird shite, basically. So limited are the drivers for FireGL's, also, I was amazed.

                              As for your reply, I shall retry what you proposed right away, hoping to find the error of my previous ways.

                              Final Edit: I've tried everything you've mentioned above, including slapping the device ID's onto the 9500 instead of 9500 Pro/9700 (Accordingly, of course) and am returned the same error. I swear to you, I've followed your guide to the letter, and yes, added the DriverPath_R6=\2KXP_INF,CX_17633.INF bellow each INI setting under WinXP.

                              I am stumped, and I've previously tried those beta 4.7's only to be given a most buggy experience. I refuse to surrender to ATi's driver games
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                                Well I got some results from using self-modded drivers, but only by manually getting windows to look at the INF (Not the usual Update driver -> Point to directory, that didn't work either!). I had to tell it I had the disk, point to the INF.

                                1. Problem. It refuses to have a control panel of any sort. It's just...Not there, the tabs stop at windows stock "Color Management". I already installed the CPanel, but that just gives me the taskbar icon with the usual links and resolution control. I installed Radlinker next, but when I hit that tab, the whole thing just crashes with a Run.dll (Of all things!) error. It runs games fine, including HL2 and such...but I got no way to change global settings.


                                  The fact that the card doesn't run well even with the correct FireGL drivers doesn't bode well.

                                  A Z1/X1/X2 and so on should all work perfectly well with any movie playback or intense gamesplaying using just the native FireGL drivers.

                                  Perhaps you could paste the info shown when you run RivaTuners Graphics subsystem diagnostic report?

                                  I'm loath to suggest it, but perhaps there is something else causing your system to exhibit these problems? Sometimes solutions are best solved with a format
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                                    Here we go.

                                    Here's the rivatuner shot you request, completely original. I have DNA drivers installed because they're supposedly suppost to have updates for the FireGL's, and they act the same as the certified ATI ones did anyway. (Plus I get a cute HL2 themed taskbar )

                                    The card itself, two shots.

                                    And finally, an example of the video problem. That's a widescreen (Though I cut it out wrong) video, consisting of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Trust me when I say those jaggies aren't supposed to be there in either the subs, or video. Neither problem appears if I leave the video at it's default resolution. EDIT: The video, when like that, is too studdery to be tollerated.
                                    Last edited by Zenith251; Jan 5, 2005, 09:13 PM.


                                      GOT IT!

                                      I had to deviate from the guide, however.

                                      I noticed something in the omega, DNA, and BETA cat's:


                                      Instead of :0x01721002 at the end, I just dropped it. I also dropped it from the INF file, I went to the /driver/setup.exe and away it went like it didn't see what all the fuss was about.

                                      ...Huh. Oh well, it works, and I thank you for putting up with my almost inexplicable issues.


                                        Strange that removing the VendorID + SubSystemID strings that are correct made it work, but still, glad to hear it's working at last for you.

                                        Have fun
                                        Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)


                                          Cat 5.1

                                          Any tips for getting this to work on the Cat 5.1's that were just released? I have been playing around but unable to get it going completely. I think I may have got the drivers halfway working...the control center installs but will not launch


                                            I've been having all sorts of issues getting the new 5.1's to work with my T2-128, if someone has already modified these drivers I'd be more than happy if you could share a copy.


                                              Obviously we're going to run into problems depending on what ATI does...but jeez, I can't get the 5.1's to work on FireGL's at all. Maybe we need an update in the soft-rad mod for getting them to work as 9500/9700's?


                                                It would be cool if someone could write a tool similar to Patje's mobility modder but to be used to get the FireGL cards to work with the Catalyst drivers. I've been having issues with all the 5.x drivers.


                                                  Patje's tool

                                                  Funny you posted that, in a totally seperate thread I've emailed Patje and asked him this very thing today!



                                                    /plays eminems song
                                                    now this looks like a job for me

                                                    Well most interesting, and thanks for pointing this out to me StooMonster.
                                                    It appears that it won't be to hard to create a tool which alters the inf and ini files.

                                                    /puts on investigation hat and takes out the old sherlock holmes magnifying glass

                                                    Anyone that can provide me info is welcome to mail me at [email protected] with any luck I will see you email trough the spam so make sure you put Modding tool or something in the subject.


                                                      Hrm, so has anyone made any progress in modding 5.x series Cats to run on FireGLs?

                                                      The modifications used for the <5.x series cats still load FireGL drivers (I guess, seems that way. Haven't tested it thoroughly) no matter what I do.

                                                      FireGL drivers are so passe. Quadro hardware with Quadro drivers still permit running games as you would on a GeForce, while FireGL drivers won't....

                                                      What gives ATI?


                                                        Just have to be patient and await Unwinders next release of RivaTuner to hopefully add support for updated patch scripts for 5.xx series of Catalyst drivers. Till then the 4.12 with 5.xx OpenGL .dll are more than suitable for all the latest games.

                                                        But your quite right, ATI should allow more options for their FireGL customers.
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                                                        Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)


                                                          5.x Cat series OpenGL .dll files?

                                                          How easy are they to swap for the older ones, and for that matter, which?


                                                            Extremely easy.

                                                            Backup your current OpenGL driver, then simply expand and place the new 5.xx atioglxx.dll OpenGL driver file into the “C:\WINDOWS\system32” folder to force system-wide use of the new driver.

                                                            If you don't want universal use of that library you can also just place the file in the desired games directory. When the games executable is launched this OpenGL library in games folder is utilised first and not the system wide library.
                                                            Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! -Robert Burns(1759–1796)


                                                              Originally posted by Zenith251
                                                              Hrm, so has anyone made any progress in modding 5.x series Cats to run on FireGLs?

                                                              The modifications used for the <5.x series cats still load FireGL drivers (I guess, seems that way. Haven't tested it thoroughly) no matter what I do.

                                                              FireGL drivers are so passe. Quadro hardware with Quadro drivers still permit running games as you would on a GeForce, while FireGL drivers won't....

                                                              What gives ATI?
                                                              Yeah, I'm waiting for the FGL drivers to have CAT like options.
                                                              I'm not as think as you stoned I am


                                                                Originally posted by Zenith251
                                                                FireGL drivers are so passe. Quadro hardware with Quadro drivers still permit running games as you would on a GeForce, while FireGL drivers won't....
                                                                FireGL drivers run all my games, but don't have all the options of the Catalysts; and I'm unsure of the speed difference.

                                                                Would be good if they progressed this some, at least 64-bit versions are available.



                                                                  Catalyst on v5100


                                                                  I was wondering if its possible to get the latest version of Catalyst 5.4 to be used as the driver for my v5100? How would this be done? If this is not possible what is the lastest version it would work with and how would this be done?

                                                                  Sorry if this question seems simple but i have no idea if it would be compatible due to chipsets etc?


                                                           !!! 15.5 says updated SoftR9x00 for 5.4.

                                                                    Gonna download and give it a try, should have results back by Monday. Yay.


                                                                      That's a negative. The newest SoftR9x00, for 5.3 and 5.4 cats, didn't work on 5.4 cats on my FireGL Z1.

                                                                      I did all the proper modifications, it installed fine from the setup.exe (And later manually, just to check). But instead it loaded up FireGL drivers, just as it would have done had I not run the SoftR9x00 script at all. I reunpacked the drivers and tried again, still no luck.

                                                                      StooMonster - That's funny. NONE of mine work. No Quake3 based games fail at console, HL2 won't load, KOTOR just does a nosedive into an error message.

                                                                      Back to 4.9 for me,


                                                                        Saying that, have tried to get FarCry to work and it won't. But Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Rome Total War, Dungeon Siege, etc all work on FireGL 8.103 drivers.

                                                                        Want to play FarCry so a bit bummed out.



                                                                          Interesting. I haven't been able to get ANY game to work under FireGL drivers. Everything else works fine though.


                                                                            Halo, UT2004 work too ... FireGL 8.103 driver on V7100 hardware. Only game that doesn't work is FarCry.

                                                                            Interestingly I installed the Omega drivers for V7100 last night (R423GL), and they crash too. Then I tried the Omega X800 XT (R423) drivers and they crash FarCry too.



                                                                              ...Has no one else tried the new cats with the new SoftRad?

                                                                              Shloppy, surely you have!!


                                                                                What new SoftRad? Point it out and I'll give the new Cats a go.