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Can I use Cadalyst drivers on Fire GL?

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    Can I use Cadalyst drivers on Fire GL?

    I have an ATI Fire GL X1. I've seen some folks talk about modifying Cat drivers to run on a Fire GL card, primarily for better DirectX (at the expense of OpenGL). How do I do this?

    I have a FireGL X1 128MB too.
    Yesterday I have successfully installed the CATALYST 4.1.
    BUT it is not working perfectly because all OpenGL application crash before run. The D3D applications are seems to be working perfectly.
    Furthermore I have to mention that e.g. the 3DMark2003 points the same with the FireGL driver and with the Cat4.1...

    The way:
    1. Download the unpacked Catalyst driver files from (the original ATI is not good because that is packed)
    2. Run it (extract to the hdd)
    3. ControlPanel->System->Hardware tab->DeviceManager
    4. DisplayAdapters->RightClick on the FireGL->UpdateDriver->Select the "Install from a list or ...(Advanced)" -> Select "Don't search..." -> Have disk -> Browse the extracted driver -> Select the RADEON 9500 PRO / 9700
    5. Finish the procedure and repeat it to the Secondary display adapter.
    6. Restart

    So that is not enough for the happines
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      I have successfully flashed the 9700Pro bios to my FireGL X1 card!
      And it works!
      Tools what you need:
      - Flashrom 2.23
      - ATI Radeon 9700Pro bios (v8004)
      - clean dos boot disk

      You can download these from here!

      I could install the original Catalyst 4.1 and now I have no more problems with the driver installation or runing the games...
      After it you can use your card as FireGL with the known softmod yet. But I will not
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