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FireGL, modified Catalyst, and adding custom resolutions for DVI

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    FireGL, modified Catalyst, and adding custom resolutions for DVI

    I have a IBM Thinkpad T41p with a Firegl card. I'm using the latest version of the catalyst drivers (3.10) with driverheaven's modtool. Unfortanantly the max res on these modified drivers is 1280 X 1024, but my LCD is 1400 X 1050. How can I modify the drivers to add more resolutions? I have the latest monitor inf installed on Windows XP.

    Please download and install

    New Features
    This section provides information on new features found in this release of the FireGL™ Display Drivers. These new features have been tested and are supported in the following FireGL™ products:

    FireGL™ Z1 Series
    FireGL™ X2 Series
    FireGL™ X1 Series
    FireGL™ T2 Series
    New features found in this release includes 1400x1050 Display Resolution Support.

    1400x1050 Display Resolution Support
    The latest ATI software driver now has the capability to display a desktop resolution of 1400x1050. This feature allows a user to set a primary or secondary display device (which are connected to separate controllers) to the desktop resolution of 1400x1050. When a user configures their system with two display devices on the same controller and requests a display mode of 1400x1050, the desktop resolution would be 1280x1024 and the display devices would be able to pan within a desktop size of 1400x1050. The following table provides a summary of the display modes and panning mode available to display devices connected to the system.