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A6-3410MX APU | int HD6520G | dis HD6470M , lost my switchable graphics

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    A6-3410MX APU | int HD6520G | dis HD6470M , lost my switchable graphics

    I have a laptop (Samsung) with A6-3410MX APU | int HD6520G | dis HD6470M , lost my switchable graphics

    i used to have vision control center and i could set high and low performance settings and GPU affinity basically per app or exe
    and any exe set to high woudl make use of dual mode if on .

    now it seems it is just off, but some how AMD is remembering the old affinity settings because the ones i have set before latest CCC , well they remember their settings even thought switchable menu rite now just dumps me to hydra vision .

    the issue is this , i cant set it or unset it .

    if i write a small d3d app , and the exe the name 100% the same as one of the apps that once were set to high power , both GPUs get used and well they run better .

    if i recompile same source but to a new name , it runs all on one GPU only .

    funnier still if i rename any exe that is working on both GPUs from what they were called back when i could set high or low performance , they run in low .

    the new CCC i have tested loads , and i cant seem to revert .
    im 2 whole days now removing drivers and trying to step-back .
    and the old drivers that worked no longer install ?

    Am i missing a thread or post.
    I will try to scrape all the ATI out and do a 'clean' re- install again.


    seconds after first posting this i found : AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\APL
    in it is GpuAffinities.xml
    and sure enough it has all the exe vs their GPU affinity settings

    ::: i just wish ATI did not pull switchable support from my APU & GPU combo.
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    I had a laptop with that specs too, and it seems after a certain catalyst driver, AMD "forgot" about the switchable graphics menu. I think AMD just stopped the support for Llano+VLIW graphics, sorry to say that but it's the truth. Why? I don't know. You can't switch between your graphics (besides OpenCL and OpenGL) anyway, but you can decide if Dual Graphics will be used or not so it's still a important setting.


      yeah, i love this lap top .

      i had until just a few days back when i was testing a beta of a friends game before V2 goes up to Steam, i could set weather a app was high power or low , and if rig was dual or not .

      now if i name any exe to the name of one that had a profile , (profile i cant change ) the as such renamed exe runs with the old locked settings.
      that seem to override dual mode global settings.

      I even tested the express remove all option , full scrape,with exception of doing so in safe mode . LOL

      I also notice all new catalyst drivers detect my HD6470M as HD7200 srs card?

      >> it take so long to scrape and step back each version till i hit one that works .
      i shoudl do a full scrape , and go back to OEM , file from Samsung . and then step forward as i find forward stepping to be easier. LOL .

      :: i have used AMD at home since the first 586 PC came into my shop . I have had ATI video since VooDoo died .

      if i do build my next rig AMD & ATI again , it will not be a APU , unless the built in GPU side is enough to do what i need for the few years of games and contract work.

      >> using the new(er) beta drivers its all run smooth , just those pesky profiles.
      if only i could find a way to edit them i would then have best of both worlds , because clearly some driver / settings some place is still at work .

      hell i'll make a tool to edit the xml if i have to .
      I have been crawling the UI xml to see if i can find a enable switchable menu target flag, but no luck yet .
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        i think i'll give this version a try

        I have just done teh clean sweep and put the OEM , in but some things in W7 are expecting new display drivers.

        so :



          Try this driver!