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Hd8670d performance @720p (1280x720px)

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    Hd8670d performance @720p (1280x720px)

    Hi all,
    First post on this forum to ask your opinion on the following:
    I am interesting in getting a a10 6700 apu with the graphic board in the title, I will use on a Hd ready tv with 720p resolution.

    In the benchmark reviews I always see tests with much higher resolution, so my question is: can I be confident I can play decently all the new games with this Apu at that resolution?

    Thanks !

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    Sorry that I just noticed your post!

    I have a lower A8-5500 with the 7560D and have no problems at that res!!

    I don't know your other specs but I have good ram running at 1965Mhz (104) which pushes up my CPU part to 3640Mhz and overclock my GPU to 870.

    Depends which games you play, but even the more demanding games can be played at Medium settings and you have the better APU, so you should be fine!

    The faster the Ram the better overall performance!!
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      I run an A10-6700 on a 1080p monitor and most games are playable at low or medium settings. At 720 you could run medium or high settings.