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Microsoft to replace i5 in Surface Pro with APU?

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    Microsoft to replace i5 in Surface Pro with APU?

    Rumors abound that a new Surface 2 will have an AMD APU inside:

    We're unsure of this latest rumor that's appeared in relation to Surface tablet successors, but the content as posted by well-known Microsoft leaker MS_nerd details plausible specs for upcoming Microsoft-made tablets. Here's what was leaked in the space of a 140 character tweet:

    There will be a Surface RT 2 that uses an 8.6-inch display and will have a Qualcomm chipset, as opposed to the NVIDIA Tegra chip used in the current Surface RT
    The Surface Pro will be updated to an 11.6-inch display, and will ditch the Intel Core i5 CPU for an upcoming and yet-to-be-released AMD "Temash" APU
    There will be a third Surface called the "Surface Book" that has a 14.6-inch display, and an Intel 22nm "Haswell" chip

    The use of a next-generation Intel Haswell processor in a so-called Surface Book is not surprising, as the Haswell chips are the successors to the Ivy Bridge line currently on the market. At a rumored 14.6-inch display on a tablet is reasonably large, so it's unclear what Microsoft may trying to target with this sort of product.

    More surprising is the rumored inclusion of a Temash APU from AMD in the Surface Pro 2. Temash is the successor to AMD's current Hondo range of tablet-specific APUs (which combine CPU cores and a GPU on the die), however the Hondo chipsets have only just started to emerge so it will be a long while before Temash APUs are ready for production. Plus, with Microsoft's tight relationship with Intel it's odd that they would use an x86 AMD low-power chip over one from Intel.

    Source - neowin

    As noted, Temash is a tablet orientated APU, <5W TDP. To replace a 17W IB? I think it's more likely a Kabini variant, perhaps around 12-15W, would be selected, if there's any percentage in switching at all. If the move got them to 8hrs battery life I could see it happening, otherwise... no. If Kabini had ARM TrustZone technology and apps to use, I could see it, too.

    I think it makes perfect sense. An APU has a considerably stronger GPU than any Intel offering. And any modern AMD CPU is well capable of handling tablet-oriented tasks. I do doubt anybody plans to edit and publish HD videos and professional photography on their tablet, nor will they be playing the latest AAA title with bleeding edge graphics at the newest top-end resolution.

    So an APU fits, imo. And would be a great win for AMD.
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      The APU fit before the i5 was selected too, though... so why switch now?

      I would think a 9 or 12W Kabini would match or equal GPU performance, add DX11.1 features, plus it would be 4 jaguar x86 cores. this could leave room for a 4G radio as well. working ARM trustzone would seal the deal for enterprises and probably a lot of small / medium business as well.


        I would definitely agree that getting more battery life is definitely important. I would think that the biggest reason might be related to cost. If AMD can put out a chip that is comparable to a current i5 it's going to have plenty of resources to run a tablet. But if they can do that and help bring the costs down it would make x86 tablets a lot more likely to be adopted.

        If anything it looks like there are going to be 3 price points Microsoft would be looking to hit. If the RT is going to have a smaller screen they are probably aiming for the $350 - $400 range. The Surface 2 might be aiming for the $600 - $700 (maybe a tad more). Then there is the Intel haswell surface book with would probably around the $999 price point.
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          Well Temash being 28nm, more stuff integrated making it easier and hopefully cheaper to use and add if it performs well would be a smart move for someone to use. If AMD has Temash working at CES 2013, production and release 3 months from that time period - March time frame for products to be launched? Sounds possible, will MS use? Who knows at this time?
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            This Temash APU sounds interesting and ideally suited to the next Surface Pro. They have the right balance of CPU/GPU to make it a great experience for the user. Hopefully they'll keep that great ratio going for the years to come. I also hope AMD get in to the mobile phone chipset side of things as NVidia has successfully done. Now on to building some of those A10 based pcs I've been hanging out for


              Originally posted by caveman-jim View Post
              The APU fit before the i5 was selected too, though... so why switch now?