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The Rage3D Politics and Religion forum

The Rage3D Politics and Religion forum has been known to create a lot of very heated debates which often contain posts by members that other users sometimes find very offensive depending on their political and/or religious affiliation. As a result, we've set in place a special usergroup just for people interested in discussing Politics and Religion that will hopefully help keep the forum a place for mature and responsible discussions.

Joining the Politics and Religion Discussion usergroup means you wish to access Rage3D's Politics and Religion Discussion forum and agree that you can handle the discussions that take place there in a mature and respectable manner.

Be aware that moderating in this forum is very light and moderators will often let discussions go on until their natural end, whatever that may be. Due to the nature of Political and Religious discussions, users are often very emotional and therefore sometimes aggressive in the way they interact with other users, and while users aren't encouraged to act out, it certainly can and does happen from time to time. We've found that letting the users police themselves in this manner works well for the P&R Forum. If you have a problem with this policy, we highly advise that you do not join this forum but rather stick to the other common forums found on Rage3D where moderation rules are more traditional.

Rage3D and it's member staff will not be held responsible for anything that our members post in this forum. However, if you find something particularly offensive and in very bad taste, please use the "Report This Post" feature and we will look into as soon as possible.

Details on how to join the P/R forum usegroup are in the FAQ items below.

How do I get an avatar?
Avatars are only available to regular users who meet one of two conditions
  1. 500 posts in total
  2. or 50 posts and registered for more than one year.

When you meet either of these requirements, you may then upload a custom avatar to the server.

There are a couple of other ways to go about getting an avatar as well however. The first is by joining the [email protected] team. See here for more information.

The second, and probably most desirable, way to getting an avatar is to subscribe to Rage3D. This gives you immediate access to custom avatars that you can upload from your own computer and, as an extra bonus, subscription avatars are bigger and can contain more detail than what is available via the other methods. For more information on subscribing to Rage3D, please visit this page.

Why is there a videocard under my name?
That is your User Title. As you participate in discussions on the Forum you may notice that your User Title changes periodically. This happens when you reach certain pre-set post counts. Since we're an ATI centric site, we thought it would be a fun idea to use ATI videocard names as User Titles. The levels progress through ATI's current lineup of videocards, from the lowest performing budget card to the fastest highend screamer.

User Titles are a fun way to judge a users participation level in the forum, but don't really mean anything signifigant. However, after you've reached 600 posts or after you've been a member for about 6 months (with a 60 post minimum), you may then set a custom User Title via your User Control Panel to reflect your own personality a little better.

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