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About Rage3D
Our Birthday: October 15, 1998

Rage3D is the largest ATI support community and website on the internet. It all started in the summer of 1998 when Roki and MrB, both avid 3D hardware enthusiasts, wanted to further their knowledge and in doing so help other users. In July of that year, they decided to start up an ATI-centric webpage. The lack of ATI support websites during that time and Roki's need for information on his Xpert@Play aided in that decision. In September the first design of the page was published and while not exactly what you would call the best looking site, it functioned which was the important part. We were hosted by Frag.Com at the time, a kick ass server which provided us with a place to grow and spread the ATI word.

Roki and MrB scoured the internet to bring the latest news and commentary on ATI's products to the Rage3D readership which was growing daily. Diesel came on board as our web designer about a month later and redesigned the page with a much cleaner look and much more visual appeal. Since that time we have grown at an astonishing rate, and have continued to add improvements to the site including the addition of an awesome forum, and significantly more staff. It wasn't long before we took on our own domain name at www.rage3d.com and moved from frag.com to digiweb.

That point really marked the beginning of the Rage3D you see today as we believe that sites should continuously be updated and changed to benefit their readership. We've gone through a number of site redesigns to make the site load faster, be easier to navigate and find information, and changed over to the excellent vBulletin forum software. We have also moved to successively faster servers and internet connections to be able to deliver site content and community access to the forums in as speedy a manner as possible. Here at Rage3D we are committed to bringing you a professional, community oriented site that provides news, articles, reviews, and support all about products from ATI and those based on ATI's technology.

Best Regards,

The Rage3D Staff

The Rage3D Crew

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