Product: ATi Radeon HD4850
Company: AMD
Authour: Alex 'Morgoth Bauglir' Voicu
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: June 26th, 2008
Clive Barker's Jericho

Version used:

Testing method: FRAPS run through the first level after entering the Al-Khali complex, results are the average of 6 three minute runs

Jericho shows that it was primarily developed on the Xbox360 by avoiding using large textures (consoles have to be more frugal about memory). It makes up for this by applying numerous shaders per surface, which in short makes everything look good, and causes video card coolers to spin-up.

Innumerable flies were battled in order to rescue these arcane inscriptions:

AA is controlled through the game's menu, whilst AF is managed through its configuration file. We smacked undead at these exact rates:

The game is a good sport and allows us to show how the 4850 improves on the 3870. It's also very demanding, so sky high framerates are out of the question. It should be noted that at 8X AA we were running into VRAM limitations, so some hitches associated with that were experienced.

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