Product: ATi Radeon HD4850
Company: AMD
Authour: Alex 'Morgoth Bauglir' Voicu
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: June 26th, 2008
Unreal Tournament 3

Version used: 1.2

Testing method: FRAPS run using the UT3Bench with the WAR-Torlan_bot timedemo, results are the average of 6 three minute runs

Another encounter in UE3, after the two we already had earlier in the form of Bioshock and Gears of War. Counter-intuitively, despite of being released at a later date than either of those two titles, UT3 does not include a DX10 pathway. Without DX10 support, and given the way it implements shadow rendering (deferred), there is no out of the box support for AA.

Lucky for us then that a driver workaround ("hack" for those of you with a less politically correct mindset) permits forcing AA through the CCC. It's not perfect, mind-you, as without developers using DX10/10.1 and handling AA themselves, some bugs are unavoidable, but it's good enough.

We're using FRAPS+UT3Bench+Bot timedemo because that's closer to what happens when actually playing the game, yet keeps our very poor UT3 skills from skewing the results (staring at the death screen continuously for 3 minutes might not be an accurate representation of game-play). With the bot timedemo we have some control and can switch perspectives if the bots decide to do something retarded like stare at a wall, allowing us to ensure it's as close to the UT3 gaming experience as possible.

Oddly shaped pictures of checkboxes:

We're controlling AA through the CCC and AF through UT3Bench's nifty menu. Numbers to use in heated forum battles:

Now, without AA, UT3 isn't the most demanding of games as it is a primarily multiplayer game, geared towards catering to a lot of possible configurations out of which most aren't exactly powerhouses. This translates into a small gap between the competing architectures, which widens sharply once you enable AA. The small drop in performance associated with enabling 8X AA on the 4850 is also most impressive.

Be advised that the FRAPS run we're using is slightly more demanding than the demo we were using before, so results aren't directly comparable with the ones we got on other occasions in Crysis, not to mention the fact that we have to correct those results anyhow since an error made its way amongst them.

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