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Product : Radeon 9600XT
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Editor : Robin 'roki' Kim
Date : February 16th, 2004

Game Test - Splinter Cell

To test Splinter Cell, I used the Beyond3D Oil Refinery demo which was intentionally recorded to focus on Pixel Shader usage while putting as little pressure on the CPU as possible. To even things out a bit and get a more realistic evaluation of actual game play, I also added three other demos. Two of them come with the v1.2b patch and the third is a custom demo I made of the Chinese Embassy level. I then averaged the results from the four demos to get the final score.

Like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell doesn't work well with anti-aliasing enabled (enabling it creates the same type of graphical corruption actually) so again there will be no anti-aliasing tests in this benchmark.

Splinter Cell
Application Preferences
0 20 40
Average Framerate
ATI 9600XT
Sapphire 9600XT
9600 Pro
9500 Pro

Again the 9600XT cards perform identically to each other. The 9600 cards use their extra memory-bandwidth advantage here to beat out the 9500 Pro.

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