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Product : Radeon 9600XT
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Editor : Robin 'roki' Kim
Date : February 16th, 2004


With Overdrive disabled I was able to get the RV360 core up to a very respectable 580MHz. Even at this speed the temperature never went above 41°C during after any of the tests below. I also managed to reach a very respectable 345MHz on the memory which is even more impressive when you consider that I was only able to get 325MHz on the Sapphire 9600XT Ultimate Edition.

Remember however that Overclocking varies by card so your mileage may vary.

The chart below shows the difference between the stock 9600XT and overclocked 9600XT specifications.

  9600XT 9600XT
Core Speed
500 580 +16%
Memory Speed
300 345 +15%
Peak Memory Bandwidth
9.6 11.0 +14.6%
Pixel Fillrate
(million pixels/sec)
2,000 2,320 +16%
Texel Fillrate
(million texels/sec)
2,000 2,320 +16%

As you can see in the charts below, the difference between the stock and overclocked specifications translate directly to 3D performance and gameplay.

Default 2x AA / 4x AF 4x AA / 8x AF
3dMark03 Overclocking
Application Preferences
0 2500 5000
ATI 9600XT
ATI 9600XT @ 580/345
1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200
+14.7% +15.8% +16.2%

Prince of Persia - Overclocking
Application Preferences
0 50 100
Average Framerate
ATI 9600XT
ATI 9600XT @ 580/345
1024x768 1280x960 1600x1200
+16.8% +16.0% +17.2%

ATI 9600XT Core
ATI 9600XT Core
Samsung 3.3ns DDR BGA Memory
Samsung 3.3ns DDR BGA Memory

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