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Product : MX3100
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Date : April 1st, 2005

Mouse Precision Tests

As many of you may know there has never been a real way to benchmark a mouse. Thanks to Hecter, we have found a program called "mouse rate checker". As described on their website this application should measure and display the sample rates of a mouse. A further and more in depth explanation of why we would want to do this is available at the creator's website.

I have compared the Logitech MX1000, to a basic Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse and to the Logitech MX510 mouse. As you can see the two high end Logitech mice are quite comparable. The basic Microsoft optical mouse really lags behind the other two. If these tests are truly accurate, which they may not be, this could indicate that the laser technology does indeed create performance equal to that of a high quality, wired gaming mouse. After further testing this mouse rate check on several different machines with the same mice, I have discovered that the rates on all computers are not equal. I can not figure out why they are different. Nevertheless, I believe that this still gives a good analysis of how the mouse performs on a particular system. At the very least it shows us that on this system, the mx3100 and the mx510 portray equal rates. When compared to a basic optical mouse, we can truly see how greater the results are with these high end mice.

From personal experience using both these mice in games and in application, they have both faired quite well up against each other. My reaction times in games are pretty much identical. I did not witness any wireless lag that you may experience from other products. Similarly, when working with graphical programs such as Corel Drawn and Adobe Photoshop I had absolutely no problems with accuracy. Some wireless mice do not have the precision to perform in this area. In spite of this, I could not tell any difference in using the MX1000.

Mouse Accuracy
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