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Product : MX3100
Company : Logitech
Author : Devon 'dementor' Spector
Date : April 1st, 2005

SetPoint Application

Logitech's SetPoint application will help manage your mouse and keyboard settings. This program allows you to adjust and change the functionality of most buttons on both the mouse and keyboard. They provide pre-programmed options that you are able to pick from a menu in order to change certain button functionalities. It also permits the adjustment of the speed of several features, including pointer speed and scrolling speed. An important option that is also included is a way to secure your wireless keyboard. This feature will encrypt your keyboard to the receiver. It will block potentially block someone else from picking up your key strokes. Lastly, you are also able to monitor your battery levels for both your keyboard and mouse. When your battery levels are too low the program will automatically warn you to replace or charge your batteries.

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