AMD A10 5800K Launch Review

Product: AMD A10 5800K / ASUS F2 A85-M Pro
Company: AMD
Author: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: October 1st, 2012

Memory and Cryptography

Memory Performance

We used AIDA64 to give memory bandwidth results for read, write and copy operations:

Let's just stop for a minute and look at that. AMD A10-5800K with AMD Performance Edition DDR3-1866 vs. Core i3 and i7 with DDR3-1333 SO-DIMMs. Intel has the memory controller thing down. Let's look at cryptographics performance and see how that plays out, both Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge feature AES-NI ... well, except the Core i3, which has it turned off.



We ran the test at Eyefinity resolution using our 3 displays in Portrait configuration, increasing our resolution to 3240x1920 (plus bezel compensation).

AIDA64 Hash: SHA performance

CrossfireX plus Eyefinity is apparently a problem again for AMD with Battlefield 3 and Catalyst 12.8; zero scaling, only single GPU performance.