AMD Bulldozer - FX 8150 Performance Review

Product: AMD FX 8150 / Asus Crosshair V
Company: AMD
Author: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: October 11th, 2011

Performance Analysis - Synthetic Tests

To compare abstract CPU performance we use SiSoft Sandra 2011 and AIDA64 benchmarking tools. The Sandra Multi-media, AIDA64 Julia and Mandel tests are all AVX and FMA4 aware, to use the new instructions and hardware capabilities in Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer. ClothAVX is a sample demo from Intel that uses AVX to process the physics of cloth.

The results are below; mouse over individual results for more details:

Arithmetic Performance - Results of the Sisoft Sandra Processor Arithmetic performance tests for CPU (x86).

Multi-Media Performance - Results of the Sisoft Sandra Processor Multi-Media tests.

Memory Bandwidth - Results of the SiSoft Sandra and AIDA64 memory bandwidth tests.

Floating Point - AIDA64 FPU Julia Benchmark

Floating Point - AIDA64 FPU Mandel Benchmark

AVX - Intel Cloth Demo

Cryptographic performance is becoming more important as data security concerns become more prevalent. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has been around for a while now, and Intel added hardware support in some of their Westmere family of processors, which continued in Sandy Bridge. While not all Intel models support hardware AES, the FX family of processors will. This will become more important as operating systems and applications encrypt data using AES and anyone who has used an encrypted laptop without hardware AES can tell you why you want this feature sooner rather than later.

We used TrueCrypt's built in AES benchmark, SiSoft Sandra's Cryptographic AES & SHA module, and AIDA64 AES and Hash benchmarks. The AIDA64 Hash benchmark can leverage AVX and XOP extensions as well as AES hardware, to increase performance.

Cryptographic: TrueCrypt AES Benchmark (1GB buffer).

Cryptographic: AES256 - SiSoft Sandra results using CPU algorithms.

Cryptographic: SHA256 - SiSoft Sandra results using CPU and GPU algorithms.

Cryptographic: AIDA64 AES Benchmark.

Cryptographic: AIDA64 Hash benchmark.