Product: Xigmatek HDT-S1283 HSF & XLF-F1253 Fan
Company: Xigmatek
Authour: James 'caveman-jim' Prior
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: July 28th, 2009
AMD Standard HSF

The stock AMD cooler is based on a model that has been around for a while now, from the Althon64 FX days. It's a four heat pipe design, two per side through the fins. The 70mm fluid dynamic ball bearing fan is mounted using a shroud which holds the fan a little above the top of the fins. Max speed is around ~3800rpm, though it usually spins at ~3000rpm, at which speed it is inaudible outside of the case, even with tri-cool fans on low speed. The copper base is not particularly smooth, and has nickel plated aluminum fins soldered to it to dissipate heat.

Stock AMD Heatsink base
Stock AMD Heatsink base

Before beginning the test, the BIOS was configured to use the 4-pin PWM fan control and the calibration function run. Artic Silver 5 was used as the thermal interface material (TIM) do be consistent across both coolers. The heat pipes measure 8mm and are opposed in configuration, two projecting from each side.


Here you can see the idle and load differences in both stock and overclocked configuration. This processor required 1.500v vCore to get 3.4Ghz prime stable. As this Phenom II X4 940 is the multiplier unlocked Black Edition we were able to very simply adjust the multiplier from 15 to 17 for this run. Attempting a multiplier of 18 with a vCore of 1.525v resulted in thermal protection shutdown.

Stock AMD Heatsink & Fan Results
Stock AMD Heatsink & Fan Results

What we see in this graph is the CPU IHS temperature, and an average of the four cores. In default configuration, the CPU idle temp min was 32C, and took less than 2 minutes to hit the peak temperature of 50C under Prime95 load. After stopping the test, the CPU temp was back to 32C within 3 minutes. As expected the idle CPU core temperature average of 39C is higher than the CPU IHS temperature, and the corresponding maximum of 58C, too. It took longer to reach this maximum temp, some 14 minutes before finally nudging over from 55, 56 to 58. Roll off time is again 3 minutes.

Overclocked to 3.4Ghz the idle CPU temp is 43C at 1.50v, reaching 70C after 6 minutes. The CPU core average idle temperature of 53C is showing an increased temperature offset than at idle. Under prime95 load the CPU IHS temperature rose to the 70C maximum in 4 minutes, with the average CPU core temperature maximum reaching 78C after 15 minutes. Roll off time for both was around 3 minutes, but neither the CPU IHS or CPU core temperatures reaching the pre-test idle temps, remaining 1C higher for the entire cool-down period.

Stock AMD Heatsink & Fan Installed
Stock AMD Heatsink & Fan Installed

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