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AIW / Multimedia Discussion and Technical Support Discussion and support forum for all of the All-In-Wonder Radeon cards, the TV-Wonder, Remote Wonder I and II, the new HDTV Wonder, and basically anything with VIVO support.

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Old Jan 26, 2001, 07:05 PM   #1
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SDalai is still being judged by the masses


Hi everybody,

i was playing around with video capturing using w2k the last nights, and i like to post my results to the list.

- I did all my tests with a clean w2k installation (with/without sp1, with/without dx8)!

- I tried almost all the different drivers that are available on the net.

- My hardware setup is
Abit BP6 with dual Celeron [email protected]
128 MByte of RAM
AiW Radeon
Terratec 128i PCI
and some other PCI / ISA cards.

And here are my results:

Always perform a functional backup before(!) trying out new drivers / software!

In the case of problems, always try a 'clean' windows installation! I working in a company specialized on supporting different operating systems (linux, netware, windows), and my experiences from the last years show, that a minimum of 95% of problems with windows drivers / programms are caused by a "grown" installation! I'm sorry to say that, but are you able to track down all the dll's, *.ini entries and registry entries of your windows installation? How big is your windows directory now and at installation day?

Don't let the AiW share it's IRQ with any other card. Video capturing seems to be unstable, in my case, it hung my machine after a random number of minutes of capturing! I used an Adaptec 2940 for my SCSI components.

Using the latest drivers for video capture seems to be a bad idea.Especialy with the latest (3100) drivers video quality is realy ... (don't want to write "a real big ****" here). Try older drivers! I can capture up to 4 GByte without any problems (see below) using the drivers delivered with my card. It were the special purpose drivers before 3100, i can't remember the exact version number now.

There is a 4 GByte limit in the size of a file (the capture file) on FAT32 partitions! MMC does not take this limit into account when calculating the maximum capture time! It uses the free space on your harddisk! You have to calculate yourself!!! Using a NTFS partition is no real solution. During capturing you can see your capture file growing beyond the 4 GByte limit, but when the capture is stopped (manual, or by reaching the max. free limit), the file is deleted by MMC (for insiders: activate acounting on the capure file, you can see that the deletor is the MMC process itself). I don't tried to use an undelete tool yet, just to see, if the capture file can be recovered and is ok (does anybody know, what tool to use?).

If you use a multiprocessor system (does anybody?), switch w2k to uniprocessor! AiW Radeon / drivers / MMC seem to be very unstable with this configuration! Older drivers hang your system completly, even in the installation wizard! I heard rumors about certified w2k drivers, but i don't know where to find them, they have to work even on multiprocessor systems.

If you are running into any problems with your ATI product,
please, please ask ATI's support for help. Send a bug report for beta drivers and SPD's. Flood their e-mail servers with your reports, but first read my number II.

If someone has different or the same expieriences with vid capture on w2k, answer to this post. If there are enough answers, i'm willing to spend my spare time to compile a FAQ for this topic.


P.S.: If someone from ATI support staff is reading this post, why are my questions to ATI european support are not answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old Jan 27, 2001, 06:43 AM   #2
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JLinFX is still being judged by the masses


How can I change IRQ for my cards under Win2K ?
Can yoou help me ?
My card share the IRQ with the Sound Card and USB.

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Old Jan 28, 2001, 03:24 AM   #3
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Skynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppersSkynet has a basement full of buried neg-reppers


JLinFX you can remove IRQ Sharing in Win2k but it's complicated and not recommended, you could render your system unable to boot and requiring a full install from scratch. If you really want to learn how go to http://www.apushardware.com and visit the forums there. (there are down right now they were hacked apparently). Either way that is not going to solve your problems anyway 95% of the time. ACPI/IRQ Sharing works perfectly fine on a system that is setup correctly. SDalai I setup a BP6 system about a year ago with Dual Celeron's it's still running good, but it's not being used for anything heavy like vid caps. And yea your SCSI card is a prime source for conflicts and hangs when it comes to video work expecially ATI cards. I just wanted to add that I have no stability problems at all running Win2k and the AIW Radeon but it took me a long time to get it that way. All in all I would say ATI drivers are terrible, they don't do enough testing on enough systems. But using the latest beta drivers I have to say things are pretty good, one of the only beefs I have is lack of speed in 3D Games. Also the ATI DVD player is crap, I had to get a third party one to use my DVD drive to its fullest.

The bottom line is there is no excuse for bugs, crashes, and poor performance. Nvidia has excellent Win2k drivers and they typically run at near the same speeds as Win98/ME drivers. ATI can't feed us the crap that Win2k is just slower for games. Ya it's slower but for god sake my system benchmarks like 80% FASTER running Win98. Thats crazy. I just can't live with the daily crashes of win98.
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