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Joystick DICE investigating FOV, memory leak issues in Battlefield 4

Two of the lesser known but important issues in Battlefield 4 are being investigated by developer DICE.

The first is a flawed field of view (FOV) design, which subtly gives an advantage to lower FOV players by only switching to a low FOV when aiming down sights (ADS) for them and not so for higher FOV players. Likely, it's intended to switch for both, as we saw in Battlefield 3 (see comparison below). With the old method, players have an easier time of being highly accurate while ADS.

The second is a memory leak, during which the game can cause your system to use many extra gigs of memory for no intended reason. This continues until you reboot your machine. The issue is reported to occur on Windows 8 systems using Radeon 5xxx or 6xxx series cards, though some say it applies to NVIDIA users, too.

DICE has responded to the issues on the Battlelog and EA forums and indicated they're looking into them (the latter issue they've reached out to AMD on). In the meantime, for the FOV issue, you may want to consider a lower value until this is fixed (will likely be longer than the other fix, as stability is higher priority for DICE right now); for the memory leak, you can try the suggestions below (taken from an extensive EA forum thread user investigation into the issue).

Things people have mentioned helped:
  • Updating Realtek network driver from Realtek's website as the win8 standard driver could cause this
  • Disabling NDU using: "sc config NDU start= disabled" in a commandprompt
  • Running BF4 in Win7 compability
  • Exiting the game before mapchange
  • Alt+tab during load of new map (only 1 report of this helping)
Source: Battlelog / EA Answer HQ

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FOV bug should be easy to fix, right now it seems to be set to a percentage of the set FOV, when it should be either hard coded to certain value (like 35), or allow players to set their zoomed FOV like in QuakeLive.
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Is there anyone alive in this, the year of Our Lord 2013, who doesn't know that the drivers that ship with Windows are *always* inferior to the IHV drivers available from the peripheral manufacturer? (Or the laptop OEM in the case of laptops?) Basically, the drivers that ship with a Windows version from Microsoft are placeholders that serve to get you up and running during an install, but the drivers that are available only from the component manufacturer are the ones you want thereafter (because they're much better as a general rule.)

I wouldn't think anyone would think otherwise, but the article here mentions it, so I thought it was worth reiterating.
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