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Default Legends Of Illarion (25+ hours of gameplay time) - [ Old skool console rpg ]

Legends Of Illarion is a single player rpg game similar to old SNES games like FF6 or Lufia. It was created using a program called RPG MAKER 2003. I have been working on and off on the game for about 5 years now.

My game uses mostly the default battle engine and menu of RM2K3. I don't claim that my game is much better or worse than many other RM2K3 games out there, but I believe my game is balanced and finished, and created specifically for the Illarion community. There are an infinite number of things that I know I could have improved, but there are simply too many limitations in time and resources, and it took a very long time to simply finish what I was working on even though I had already stopped planning to add any more new things since years ago.

The story of the game is mainly based on historical events and characters of Illarion from its early years starting around 2001, although many story elements and characters from later on are also included in a supporting role. Many more recent and current elements of Illarion will also be alluded to throughout the game.

Specifically, the main story is about the early heroes of Troll's Bane and their war against Drakhen Vorkalion during his very first arrival. The story will then also branch off to an all new storyline involving secrets and plots about the gods of Illarion.

When I first started making this game, my goal was mainly to create a game with various stories and events that were difficult to execute in Illarion. It soon became clear that it look a lot of time and effort to make this game, and I soon focused on a main plot, which was based on the stories and characters of the past. As I added more and more elements from Illarion into the game, Illarion itself began to change over time, and my game became a reminder of past times and Illarion's history.

As it is now, Legends Of Illarion is a celebration of the characters and stories that are part of Illarion's history and found in the Chronicles. But in recent years, I also began to imagine a story about the Younger Gods that took place in the ancient past, while they were still mortals. I began to work the second half of LOI towards this new story, which I had envisioned as my next game in the form of a prequel. In truth, I have become more interested in my idea for the prequel than the first game itself, but it was necessary to finish the plot for LOI, before one could appreciate the prequel. As the time required to finish LOI went by, I soon knew I would probably never make the prequel. However, I have finally finished LOI now, and for me, this game now also acts as a bridge towards this new story about the gods that I want to share.



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