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Chubz knows why the caged bird singsChubz knows why the caged bird singsChubz knows why the caged bird singsChubz knows why the caged bird singsChubz knows why the caged bird sings

365+ Free Games! [The Big Book of Free]

All titles and descriptions taken from

Quake Livewww.quakelive.com
Remember the fine art of rocket jumping by playing this free browser-based version of Quake III Team Arena. Whether you prefer 1-on-1 duels, free-for-all frag fests, or a round of capture the flag, Quake Live’s got it. Skill-based matchmaking, achievements, stat tracking, and a worldwide leader board are just some of the extras that give this classic shooter a fresh feel.

Warsow has taken the Quake II-based Qfusion engine and turned back the clock a decade. It’s all about fast, smooth-moving action, albeit with cel-shaded robots and high-tech backdrops that make the game look like a post-modern Tron.

Grab giant building blocks from the landscape and toss them at your enemies in this online physics-based shooter.

Paintball 2.0http://tinyurl.com/dfklwl
Based on the open-source Quake 2 engine; a deathmatch without death!

Old-school shooter with loads of levels, modes, and mutators.

F.E.A.R. Combathttp://tinyurl.com/5krqfu
F.E.A.R.’s multiplayer decoupled from the main game. Full of slow-motion shooting and kung-fu.

It’s a tech demo for the episodic retail series, but the physics here still make for a fun game to poke around in.

Choose from different races – aliens or humans – build up bases, and pwn.

World of Padmanhttp://worldofpadman.com
Colorful cartoons and the Quake III engine may go together like popsicles and pickles, but World of Padman makes this unlikely marriage work. This comic-styled multiplayer shooter is based on the offbeat superhero created by German cartoonist Andreas “Ente” Endres, and is just as zany as you might expect from a game with killer ducks and Toys “R” Us guns. World of Padman is huge with Linux geeks, although the game has a Windows fanbase as well.

Doom, but more so. Made prettier and smoother, but still the same nasty shotgun-blasting, demon-fighting game it always was.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soulhttp://www.savage2.com
One player builds structures to provide better units and equipment to his team, while everyone else wages war against the opposing side. The full retail version of this FPS/RTS hybrid is now available for free on the developer’s website.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territoryhttp://tinyurl.com/clhadh
Attack and defend in a class-based shooter set in the oft-ignored WWII.

Simplicity and modest system requirements make AssaultCube addictive. The shooter specializes in old-time team-focused multiplayer mayhem like John Carmack used to make. It is decidedly retro in every way, from the 19MB download size to 56k modem support, so it’s especially good if you’re ga-ga about first-person shooters past.

Celestial Impacthttp://tinyurl.com/cdw84l
Strange and surreal only begins to describe Celestial Impact, a team-based multiplayer shooter set in an asteroid field. The gameplay gimmick here is deformable terrain. Every weapon does damage to your surroundings, which you can add to instead of blowing up thanks for the perfectly monikered Dirtgun.

America’s Army: Special Forceshttp://www.americasarmy.com/
A hardcore shooter sponsored by the U.S. military.

Rose & Camelliahttp://tinyurl.com/you9j7
You play as a commoner who married into nobility. Unfortunately, your husband has just passed away. So you’ll need to defend your honor against his snooty relatives by engaging in the elegant art of feminine conflict (slap fights!)

Adventure of Cathttp://tinyurl.com/59m4nb
Propel a cat through levels via an extendable pole-vault pole. Yes, really.

Nanaca Crash http://tinyurl.com/687xe
A screaming anime stereotype smashes her bicycle into a poor guy and sends him flying. See how long you can keep him airborne by activating your special Aerial Crashes.

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)http://tinyurl.com/29v6ah
The drudgery of office life has left you with no choice but to kill yourself. Staple your face, shove your head into a paper shredder and do whatever else it takes to bring your health down to zero before time runs out.

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2http://tinyurl.com/d3tgcy
Stare directly at the sun with a magnifying glass, step on bear traps, and piss off other patrons of the park so you won’t have to suffer through your horrible family reunion.

Dad ‘n Mehttp://tinyurl.com/8huoj
The makers of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers bring you this gory beat ‘em up which lets you bully kids in a playground. If tossing children directly into traffic and beating up Boy Scouts with exploding lawnmowers sounds fun, this one’s for you.

Music Catch 2http://tinyurl.com/c9jzs6
Let Music Catch 2’s gentle tunes and pretty colors soothe your soul. Calmly sweep your mouse across the screen to grab falling notes and shapes as you work your way towards a Buddha-like state of serenity. As you continue playing, you’ll unlock new shapes, songs, and even the ability to use your own MP3s.

If you let too many enemies pass you by in this shooter, your mother ship will be destroyed. Because of this, Cloudphobia adds an extra element of tension by forcing you to focus on keeping the swarms of enemies at bay in addition to just staying alive. Cloudphobia’s visuals are simply gorgeous.

The Crossinghttp://tinyurl.com/2qvloq
Using a platform, prevent the deer from falling into an abyss.

Bounce high in the air to scare the ladybirds away.

A frog drowning sim. Oh, OK: you’re meant to keep him out of the water.

What Comes Aroundhttp://tinyurl.com/avbpkr
Of all the territorial raccoon sims we’ve encountered, this one’s especially sweet.

An ugly but compelling Rampage-alike, with you as a giant toad tearing buildings apart.

Attack of the Killer Swarmhttp://tinyurl.com/db2ugg
A buzzing, whizzing swarm of something or other terrorizes tiny people by exploding them.

Ultimate Vending Machine Challengehttp://tinyurl.com/clltar
No loose change? Don’t let that stop you from nabbing a salty snack.

One Switch Ballzhttp://tinyurl.com/cvvgqz
It’s a lot like Marble Madness! You remember that, right? Oh, the young. It’s all about furious timing and intricate balance.

Thrust Xtremehttp://tinyurl.com/de7b5k
“Defeat the Empire, weaken their defenses, steal their Klystron pods!” With gravity.

Move the powerfully pro-pedestrian’s right advocate across the street and force cars to crash in their attempts to avoid you.

Mr. Mullethttp://tinyurl.com/chn9ky
If you don’t respect the mullet, you don’t deserve facial hair. Shave the unbelievers in the name of your glorious hairdo.

Plasma Pong http://tinyurl.com/c6vhkk
Pretty visual effects add new life into this old school classic. Each paddle can pump out gallons of color-infused fluid, which pushes the ball about the screen. You can also suck the ball towards your paddle to release power shots.

Detritus starts off as a stupidly easy clone of Asteroids, but give the game about 10 seconds. Before you know it, thick swarms of hostile shapes will assault you with no mercy.

Play as a whirlwind, touching down and tearing apart a suburban neighborhood. The only things missing are the Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton NPCs.

Crayon Physicshttp://tinyurl.com/c9x6kn
Crayon scribbles become solid objects to solve puzzles with. Draw planks, weights, and wedges to get the rolling ball to the level’s end.

Darwin Hillhttp://tinyurl.com/c62lm7
Juggle the principles of evolution as you populate a hillside of weird humanoids. Mate, kill, or watch the results of overpopulation.

Line Riderhttp://tinyurl.com/23rmjs
Draw complex sled runs and then watch your little Line Rider attempt to slide down them. If you like it, you might want to check out Line Rider 2: Unbound for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC.

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animalshttp://tinyurl.com/5jgszl
The unofficial PETA version of Cooking Mama is supposed to give meat lovers a guilt trip by emphasizing the horrible conditions animals suffer through. But tearing the organs out of a Thanksgiving turkey feels surprisingly satisfying.

Minotaur China Shophttp://blurst.com
You are a Minotaur who’s running a fine china shop to pay off your debt from the first time you bumbled into a china shop. Be careful not to knock anything over when delivering goods to your customers. Or, try smashing as much of your merchandise as possible to trigger Rage Mode, which lets you cash in on your sweet Rage Insurance policy.

Virtual Knee Surgeonhttp://tinyurl.com/cnr2zk
Virtual Knee Surgeon shows you everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more) about the process of replacing a failed knee joint. The game plays like Trauma Center, but it’s ten times more educational with tons of details about safety procedures.

The Crowdhttp://tinyurl.com/dlg7hs
You affect group behavior by gifting individuals with emotions.

Big Vinehttp://tinyurl.com/d4gzxj
Incredible tech demo where you try to grow a pulsating silhouette tree. It’s amazing.

Silent, slightly disturbing game in which you take control of a cell and battle malignancy while collecting food.

Rigs of Rods
The marriage of physics and driving game. Flying planes, sailing boats, controlling tractors… into, at, or off bridges.

A competitive commune simulation – grow enough food to feed your habitat.

Make objects bounce, swing, dance, and collide in this fun physics sandbox.

Thule Trailhttp://tinyurl.com/25qdh2
Make your way from Chicago to Santa Barbara to get to the Atlantis Music Festival in this hilarious remake of Oregon Trail.

Railroad Tycoonhttp://tinyurl.com/ylfhwz
The original classic: arrange deliveries of goods to build an industrial empire.

This turn-based online fighting game supports some brutal animations. Tweak your character’s joints and muscles to choreograph attacks.

Jetpack Brontosaurushttp://tinyurl.com/3pp3mb
A brontosaurus dreams of fruit, rings, and platforms. Guide the lumbering dino through various flight challenges.

My Lil’ Bastardhttp://tinyurl.com/dlompb
Watch your pet grow from a cute blob into a doll-humping poop factory.

Will Wright’s (The Sims, Spore) management sim that launched a genre.

Stair Dismounthttp://jet.ro/dismount
Push your little rag doll down the stairs, adjusting where and how much force to use. More pain means more points for you.

Sauna Dismounthttp://jet.ro/dismount
The fun-with-physics shenanigans continue in Sauna Dismount. Whack the sweaty doll and watch him flop and flip over the hot coals.

Flight sim
BSG: Beyond the Red Linehttp://tinyurl.com/dedu8o
A frakking-good game based on the new Battlestar Galactica series. You’re a Viper pilot pew-pewing evil Cylon jerks.

Hardcore space-flight sim enables you to relive all the greatest moments of the UK space program.

Open-ended space exploration game where you get to name the planets you discover.

Flying Model Simulatorhttp://tinyurl.com/q4xf
Control remote-control planes, in case you’re fearful of crashing your toy.

An open-source flight simulator for serious sim fans. If you can figure out how to take off, you’ll find over 20,000 airports and an accurate representation of Earth to fly over.

Rumble Boxhttp://tinyurl.com/bqt7bu
Destroy your opponents and use their leftover limbs to climb your way out of the box to victory.

The Last Stand 2http://tinyurl.com/5n75sc
Beef up your undead-proof barricade by day and fight zombies by night. The sequel adds more bells and whistles to the original zombie blaster, including a kickass chainsaw.

You should play this game because the main character looks a lot like RoboCop. Remember RoboCop?

Black Shades
Can you keep the VIP alive? This is a kind of desperate, ultra-brutal bodyguard sim.

The Blobhttp://tinyurl.com/2vhfre
You’re a blob that sucks up paint and uses it to color in his drab city by bouncing all over it! The Blob was originally developed as a student project. Since then, THQ picked up the game. Commercial versions are now available for the Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Gesundheit! http://tinyurl.com/dkgttr
Snot-eating monsters have invaded town; lure them into the mouths of underground fish.

Strange Attractorshttp://tinyurl.com/d84dp7
Using only the spacebar, you must sling yourself from the bottom to the top.

It’s spaceship hot potato. Navigate through lovely green and black cities with only the spacebar.

Hello Pandahttp://tinyurl.com/d5sfoh
Join the Pandas, a gang of the three meanest criminals in the world, who set out to steal a precious painting.

Mekuri Masterhttp://tinyurl.com/2wrkxe
Neither nosebleeds, nor hall monitors, nor gloom of night will stop the Mekuri Master from sneaking a peak at his classmates’ panties. Choose your favorite undergarment designs, leave your mark on the online leader board, enjoy the ridiculous soundtrack, and make sure to have another application open so that you can hit ‘Alt-Tab’ if anyone walks by your desk.

Boxhead: Zombie Warshttp://tinyurl.com/55s59a
Top-down shooter – back away from and take out an ever-increasing horde.

Beach Flirting Gamehttp://tinyurl.com/c9wr9d
You play as a seductress who can mesmerize men with her deadly Godzilla-like eyebeam attacks. Strike them down and make them your helpless love slaves.

Samurai High Jumphttp://tinyurl.com/d3bgl6
The only thing more powerful than a samurai with a sword is a flying samurai. Time your clicks carefully to send him soaring past obstacles.

Grilled Boxhttp://tinyurl.com/c5l84k
Right-click to draw cubes toward your cursor and left-click to unleash your bombs. Extra points are awarded for chains.

An impressive side-scroller that’ll remind you of Flashback and Out of This World. Run, jump, shoot, and roll. Don’t forget to enjoy the many excellent death animations.

This is a serious game that stars a heroine in a wheel chair. Don’t laugh. She has telekinesis and spectral projection powers.

Feed your psychedelic worm everything from grand pianos to bottles of beer and make it grow to improbable proportions.

High Economic Growthhttp://tinyurl.com/c6uaue
Choose a country and wildly swing your mouse across the screen to develop buildings on the empty tiles to ensure high economic growth for your nation.

Ocular Inkhttp://tinyurl.com/dzunms
You’re an eyeball armed with a paintbrush and a mission to save your home town from the evil eye-pirate, Patches Deadlights. Awesome.

I Am Jesushttp://tinyurl.com/ctj2nh
Projectile combat game where you play Jesus fighting off enemies who throw spears or sandals.

Cottage of Doomhttp://tinyurl.com/cgkyj2
To quote the game-maker: “…the chilling terror of a modest forest dwelling beset by the hordes of the undead!”

Unleash attacks by tapping in-time to the falling notes while avoiding enemies in this gorgeous action/music game.

Empyreal Nocturnehttp://tinyurl.com/c4ctq3
Soar through the skies as a god bird. Use your flock as weapons and shields in this surreal aerial action game.

Arctic Bluehttp://tinyurl.com/664jhz
A game of hot potato – with a boat on a whale.

Fluffy Puff Rampagehttp://tinyurl.com/d895ul
Who says pillows are soft? Don your boxing gloves and help this pillow/pugilist beat your nightmares into submission.

Zombie Hooker Nightmarehttp://tinyurl.com/dxeyh9
Zombies are bad for business. Clear each are of undead so you can lure lonely Johns to your trailer.

Penguin Panichttp://tinyurl.com/c6efc6
Fire your ice ray at panicking penguins to freeze them solid.

Bloody Zombieshttp://tinyurl.com/ctfdxs
Using a giant lawn mower, rip up the undead and surf the giant waves of blood they spout. You might as well do the weeding, too.

Seraphin Flamehttp://tinyurl.com/d6l28f
You’re an angel out to save his race in this floaty, platform/flying game.

Death Wormhttp://tinyurl.com/davd7n
Death Worm! Death Worm! Death Worm! Burst out of the ground to devour as many people and animals as possible.

Protect your castle. Judge the distance and arc of your shots and keep your medieval enemies at bay with your deadly arrows.

Dolphin Olympics 2http://tinyurl.com/yqp9eu
Glide in and out of the water, scoring points for style. If you pick up enough speed, you can even send your dolphin to space.

Armed with Wingshttp://tinyurl.com/639cb7
A silhouette-graphics action fighter with incredibly smooth animations. Your stick-wielding fighter comes armed with a very useful eagle, which can be used to distract enemies so you can silently slice them up from behind.

Nuclear Eaglehttp://tinyurl.com/8dk4yz
A giant mutant eagle – that’s you – needs humans to feed its young. Watch out for the military response.

Robot and the Cities that Built Himhttp://tinyurl.com/2kj4g6
Giant upgradable robots stomp and laser their way through a city of hapless victims and angry military.

Wild Metal/Grand Theft Auto/Grand Theft Auto 2http://www.rockstargames.com/classics
See the roots of Rockstar’s road rage by playing Wild Metal, the original Grand Theft Auto, and Grand Theft Auto 2. Jack cars, make stuff blow up, and you tear through the streets.

Astonishingly violent platform game from Japanese gaming savant Ikiki. Like an anti-Mario, you jump around and blast people into showers of meat.

Ragdoll Matrix: Reloadedhttp://tinyurl.com/d35p2q
Control an Agent Smith ragdoll and dodge the never-ending stream of slow-motion bullets.

Mad Max and Twisted Metal join as one in this team-based vehicle combat game set in a world of road warriors who are terrorized by an enormous, unstoppable tank.

MechWarrior http://tinyurl.com/dktf7q
The original BattleTech video game that put you inside a big, stompy robot.

Marble Blast Online http://instantaction.com
A platform game where you’re controlling a marble, collecting rubies or simply speeding to the level’s end. Online leader boards and multiplayer matches, where you bump up against other players’ marbles, are also included.

Gunlimb http://tinyurl.com/dnepm9
You have guns where your arms and legs should be. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Shoot to move and kill.

The Great Sperm Race http://tinyurl.com/d23nuv
Steer clear of the sticky walls and poisonous acid as you pilot your little guy towards the holy egg.

ThinkTanks http://instantaction.com
The actual act of thinking is kept to a minimum in this online shooter.

Bible Fighthttp://tinyurl.com/2rft2x
Finally, we can stop arguing about who would win in a fight between Moses and Noah. This sacrilegious fighter lets you unleash the brutal powers of some of the most famous Biblical badasses.

Imagine Darwinians getting drunk and attempting capoeira. Watch your bumbling brawlers flop on the floor in this fun physics-based fighter.

Ragdoll Masters http://tinyurl.com/2p79uv
An Ang Lee-inspired fighting game. You control your character’s momentum, but not his wildly flailing limbs.

Sumotori Dreams http://tinyurl.com/cgp8dg
“Drunken” rag dolls duke it out. Watch them flop and fly all over the place.

Nose Hairs of Furyhttp://tinyurl.com/df665p
Use your nose hairs to defeat the Hair Hunter martial artists. Maneuver your formidable nostril tendrils about the screen to block attacks and hold down the mouse button to charge your nose hair strikes.

Open Mortalhttp://tinyurl.com/dk8evx
An open-source parody of Mortal Kombat with lots of ridiculous characters.

Super Cosplay War Ultrahttp://tinyurl.com/c5pu3b
This freaky fighter pits super deformed caricatures of characters from classic games and popular manga against each other. Great graphics and hilarious move sets make this one a winner.

Epic Saga – Extreme Fighterhttp://tinyurl.com/2aqrnh
A fighting game from Double Fine, purveyors of the great PC game Psychonauts.

GeneRally http://tinyurl.com/aa88ew
A minimalist Micro Machines. Up to six players can bounce and break their cars together.

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari http://blurst.com
A velociraptor driving a jeep, running over other velociraptors. If you don’t want to play this, we don’t even want to know you.

Armagetron Advanced http://tinyurl.com/coo9hg
Tron’s iconic lightcycles rendered as a multiplayer vehicle combat game. Extra modes include CTF.

Upshift StrikeRacer http://strikeracer.gpotato.com/
This free-to-play online racer lets you customize your cars with an insane array of crazy weapons to blow up the competition.

Type Racer http://play.typeracer.com
A racing game where your speed is dictated by how fast you type. You can almost always find other players to challenge, which makes winning so much sweeter.

JellyCar http://tinyurl.com/dczea3
Inflate your tiny car with jelly to wobble your way past obstacles in this clever hand drawn racer.

Chase HQ2 Evo http://tinyurl.com/co3vyf
A satisfying and fast-paced rally racer that’s worth checking out.

Gride http://tinyurl.com/c47y68
Add and remove abilities from your ever-moving car in order to go as far as you can across infinite terrain. It’s surprisingly addictive.

Racing Pitch http://tinyurl.com/cas645
Using a microphone, make engine noises with your mouth in order to make your car accelerate.

Elasto Mania http://elastomania.com
This motorbike sim is emblazoned with proper physics and has literally tens of thousands of user-created levels available to download.

TrackMania Nations Forever http://tinyurl.com/67qk2j
The ultra-excellent TrackMania, completely free! And now you can play against people with the pay-for version, too.

We cannot improve on the website’s description. “The Physics Centipede Invasion. Smashup waggly shmup, ‘Mu-cade’.”

A gorgeous vertical shooter that plays off vector-graphics design with some excellent explosions.

Gunroar http://tinyurl.com/c89jrf
A sort of Asteroids-meets-Space-Invaders shooter. But more importantly, it’s called GUNROAR!

Shapes on a Planehttp://tinyurl.com/af8sz3
Arcade shooter where enemies attack across the six faces of a cube. Rotate the cube to direct your fire.

Torus Trooperhttp://tinyurl.com/c3wn2z
Time-limited Tempest clone where you need to maintain your clock via the magic of high scores. Very pretty.

rRootage http://tinyurl.com/dkshgs
Deal with ludicrous barrages of bullets as you fight vast battleships in space.

Noiz2sa http://tinyurl.com/c8egzm
As the spelling gets sillier, the games get weirder. This abstract shooter looks like it was designed on a calculator.

Chalk http://tinyurl.com/2ms2b9
Chalk is one of the most original shooters you’ll see. Filled with arithmetic equations and enemies that resemble stylized doodles and sketches, the game looks like an ancient classroom chalkboard that’s come to life. You’ll use the keyboard to move your character about the screen to dodge enemies and attacks. But at the same time, you’ll also use your mouse to click and draw lines across the screen to deflect bullets, destroy obstacles, and slash bosses.

Protoganda: Strings http://tinyurl.com/cy8uy6
An artsy shooter that cuts to the chase by skipping straight to an epic boss battle. The purposefully added scratch lines and blurred focus makes it look like an old film print.

SeizureDome http://tinyurl.com/c3bl29
This top-down arena shooter tries to push you off the screen by constantly launching crying babies, flabby men, and angry ladies at you. Don’t let chubby children and men in diapers be the boss of you. Kill them, increase your score combo, and collect power-ups to blast them back.

Ad Nauseum 2http://tinyurl.com/dccglw
This abstract shooter will launch more phalluses at you than a Second Life prank. Early enemies spawn tentacles that grow and quickly take over the entire screen if you don’t blast them down to size with your batter-pumping blaster. But despite the bodily references, Ad Nauseum 2 never feels like a lame pull-my-finger joke.

Carpe Universumhttp://tinyurl.com/c6vs4l
An intense shooter with an interesting combo system and a roll mechanic, which lets you dodge incoming bullets. It was designed to encourage players to move across the whole board.

Atomhex http://tinyurl.com/ce535v
Shoot the Atoms, collect the Hexes, and battle for survival. It’s a little bit Robotron.

Varia http://tinyurl.com/c38555
A vertically scrolling shooter. Accompanied by your collectable helpers, you must cope with some novel background obstacles.

Nanozoa http://tinyurl.com/cr4u9k
You’ll pilot your tiny ship through a person’s body like the movie Inner Space. Inside, you’ll find all kinds of parasites and microbes to kill, which makes Nanozoa sort of like the shoot ‘em up equivalent of Trauma Center.

Hammerfall http://tinyurl.com/c3yfhm
Thrash around in the air fighting bugs and airships in a craft equipped with hammers, scythes, and other toys.

Clean Asia!http://tinyurl.com/dlcku6
Probably the weirdest game you’ve never played. Use your “strong thrust” to rid Asia of unwanted debris.

Unholy Stagehttp://tinyurl.com/d92ssm
Another Sumo-shooter hybrid in which you blast enemies while they try to knock you off your platform. Abstract and very tricky.

Minubeat http://tinyurl.com/dgh4tn
Gorgeous hand-drawn shooter with pure black-and-white visuals. Short, difficult, and very clever.

Cyclops http://tinyurl.com/d9t8jo
You’re a central spaceship firing thick laser-beams at waves of enemies attacking from all sides.

Gravitron http://tinyurl.com/c9lzse
Asteroids-style movement: destroy reactors, rescue everyone, and dodge neon death beams.

Warning Forever http://tinyurl.com/dnbadw
This notorious shooter pits you against progressively bigger spaceships.

Alter the gravity around your ship to slingshot enemy laser-blasts back where they came from.

The Last Canopyhttp://tinyurl.com/cukozu
A fairly simple shooter with a calming aesthetic: you’re a butterfly fighting mechanical enemies.

Combat Heavenhttp://tinyurl.com/db9p93
Tear through tanks with power swords and blast bad guys out of the sky in this super slick online game. Upgrade and customize your character with various weapons as you progress.

The Winter Solsticehttp://tinyurl.com/c6nchw
Fire icy gel from a Chinese lantern to pop the falling light bulbs in this pretty arena shooter.

Dr. Blob’s Organismhttp://tinyurl.com/c68ruj
Blast the brainy blob in the crosshairs of your microscope gun while preventing the poisonous goo from slithering off the side of the screen.

Santa Claus vs The Ice Demonshttp://tinyurl.com/db5ajc
The Ice Demons try to ruin Christmas by giving Santa Claus a taste of bullet hell. But thanks to Claus’ high dexterity he manages to dodge their cool attacks for an unexpected win.

The Designhttp://tinyurl.com/d8zzlo
A weird shooter in which “enemies” can only be removed from the structure of the arena when they enter a specific state.

Doodle Defenderhttp://tinyurl.com/5vpesc
Draw your own spaceship. Then use it to attack invading enemies, all on a sheet of lined paper.

Inspired by classics like Quake and Tribes 2, Legends is an online shooter with the added bonus of jetpacks.

Blast enemies from a distance with your arm cannon and use your gigantic blade to reflect incoming bullets.

Garden of Coloured Lightshttp://tinyurl.com/6lsd6y
A pretty shooter influenced by the likes of Rez. Music is a key factor in play.

Left 4k Deadhttp://tinyurl.com/a66zvp
A bite sized tribute to Valve’s zombie shooter. Blast your way through the undead horde and make your way to the exit.

Cute side-scrolling shooter where the models are made out of clay.

A frenetic shooter that comes with its own awesome editor that lets you create your own bosses and enemies.

Minishoter RShttp://tinyurl.com/c7fkml
Side-scroller with masses of weapon customization and hidden extras.

TUMIKI Fightershttp://tinyurl.com/choa47
In TUMIKI Fighters, you collect broken parts from fallen enemies. As more pieces stick to your ship, it grows like a deadly Katamari ball, giving you more mass and extra firepower. Take a hit, and you’ll lose all the precious parts you collected. The bonuses that come with building a fatter ship – and keeping your extra parts – give TUMIKI Fighters an addictive greed factor that’ll keep you hooked.

Exception http://tinyurl.com/corvnc
Shooter full of grey boxes – a dodge that enables the developer to fill the screen with huge numbers of enemies.

Storm Assaulthttp://tinyurl.com/cse46y
Side-scrolling tribute to Gradius: a bullet dodging, enemy scouring, space-faring shooter.

Honey Blasterhttp://tinyurl.com/2f5q5j
A monochromatic shooter where you play as a bumblebee fighting insects.

A kind of pseudo-physics destruction game. Abstractly looks like an arena shooter, but your weapon is a swinging ball.

It’s a little like Geometry Wars, a little like Asteroids, and a whole lot of fun. Unlock the special ‘Crack!’ bonus game and see how long you can survive.

Force Majeurehttp://tinyurl.com/cexvrq
A short – but sweet – shooter with one level and two buxom pilots to play as. Plug in a game pad and play it with a friend.

Cho Ren Sha 68Khttp://tinyurl.com/dj3fq2
Play one of the most polished and celebrated indie vertical shooters of all time.

Fallen Empire Legionshttp://instantaction.com/
Pilot an armored suit that can fly. CTF and Deathmatch modes are also available in this online shooter.

Karoshi: Suicide Salarymanhttp://tinyurl.com/caxuoe
A platformer in which your character commits suicide in order to proceed. Deaths involve crates, bullets, and electrocution.

Punishment http://tinyurl.com/d6amlz
Quoth the site: “An unfairly difficult platform game that is painful and nauseating to play.”

Punishment: The Punishinghttp://tinyurl.com/c6qfo7
Given the last write-up, you can probably guess what this one’s about.

Orphan Feasthttp://tinyurl.com/4jax7o
Did you know that children are good eats? As Jonathan Swift wrote in A Modest Proposal, “…a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or broiled…” In Orphan Feast, you’ll stalk the back alleys of London, searching for tasty street urchins while avoiding coppers and upright citizens.

Sunset Runner or The Suspiciously Long Trainhttp://tinyurl.com/c6ofzr
Run along the top of a train, jumping gaps and ducking the obstacles along the way.

Bonesaw gets PC Gamer’s stamp of approval for unnecessary roughness, interference with work, and aggressive slashing with a giant over-sized hockey stick. The retro side-scroller is loosely based on Clarkson University’s hockey team, the Golden Knights. It begins with an evil referee who banishes your entire team to an inter-dimensional penalty box for encouraging unruly fans.

Fantastic Blood Boyhttp://tinyurl.com/deek9k
Use randomly generated items to indirectly attack enemies in this cutesy bloodbath.

Cave Storyhttp://tinyurl.com/ct4wnm
Cute, classy side-scrolling platform game. We’ve usefully provided the English translation.

N puts you in control of a stick figure ninja in search of gold and enlightenment. Prepare to die frequently, as N’s ultra tough difficulty requires light-as-a-feather tapping to make your way through each of the game’s 100-plus levels. One wrong move and you’ll see your little ninja man ricochet off of mines, take rockets to the face, and eat the floor in bone crunching falls.

What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closedhttp://tinyurl.com/df7e2n
Ever play a split-screen platformer where you play as both an ancient samurai owner and a fast food heir? We didn’t think so.

Side-scrolling shooter full of beautiful effects and fun weapons.

Relaxing platformer where you mostly just explore the game world: there’s little violence or collecting.

Once in Spacehttp://tinyurl.com/cq3mkj
A platformer that looks like it was scrawled in the back of a school notebook.

Polychromatic Funk Monkeyhttp://tinyurl.com/dxrygw
Guide the titular simian through a world of multi-colored moveable blocks.

You set out to find your lost love and find your emotions (and the abilities they give you) on the way.

Achievement Unlockedhttp://tinyurl.com/8hg9xu
Achievement Unlocked isn’t about having fun. This meta-game is a sarcastic statement against mindless achievements and the gamer score whores who covet them. You’ll earn the ‘Fight Gravity’ achievement after you jump up once and the ‘Longevity’ achievement for surviving 30 seconds. See if you can unlock all the boring achievements this game has to offer.

Clock Tower’s Secrethttp://tinyurl.com/ca9nd3
An atmospheric platformer about exploring the insides of a fog-covered mechanical clock.

Gravity Hookhttp://tinyurl.com/4pfur4
Swing-climb your way out of a mineshaft. Amazing 8-bit retro soundtrack.

Get past the platforms as quickly as possible, using your grappling hook and slow-mo ability.

A sideways-scrolling shooter with the urgency and rockets of a FPS.

Pogo Stickerhttp://tinyurl.com/d844bu
Platform game where you’re only in charge of the power and direction of your character’s jumps.

Mr. Mothballhttp://tinyurl.com/c783au
Experience platforming strangeness by playing as a mothball collecting dust in a series of hand-drawn levels.

Dungeons & Dungeonshttp://tinyurl.com/5982d6
Use vibrators, whips, and feathers to torture and tease the evil Pleasurebots as you make your way through the depths of the kinkiest dungeon crawler you’ll ever seen.

I Wanna Be the Guyhttp://tinyurl.com/2hbdyd
A celebration of the good old 8-bit NES days when save points were rare, bosses were tough, and games were really, really hard. Expect to die a lot in your quest to help “The Kid” become “The Guy” as you work your way through the game’s ridiculously difficult levels with pixel perfect precision.

You Have to Burn the Ropehttp://tinyurl.com/45rrq7
The title may contain a clue as to how to beat the boss in this colorful platformer.

Logi-Gun http://tinyurl.com/cn5e6a
A puzzling platformer where progress depends on the thoughtful use of your six guns.

You Found the Grappling Hookhttp://tinyurl.com/cwkc8z
Use your grappling hook to swing through a series of evilly difficult caves. Likely to make you weep.

Change your character’s magnetism with a stroke of a key. Depending on how you’re charged, you’ll either stick to certain surfaces or be repelled by them.

Marvin Spectrumhttp://tinyurl.com/dk47ec
Side-scrolling Flash-drawn platformer where you must match your body color to the barriers through which you jump.

Absurd platform game that scrunches up the rules and throws them in the bin.

Seven Minuteshttp://tinyurl.com/cepmwt
Astonishingly nihilistic, with some lovely inventive moments, especially when it all goes dark.

Bounce your double-jumping cube around randomly generated levels.

No Hasslehoffs were harmed during the making of this tribute to the Castlevania series. Help Rovert Bellhump put a stop to Count Dracula’s noisy parties so he can get a good night’s sleep.

Bollen http://tinyurl.com/cdqlka
If Super Mario starred a ball instead of a plumber, you’d get this. Bounce through increasingly difficult levels to reach the flag.

The Expeditions of the Little Green Pod Manhttp://tinyurl.com/djf549
A platformer where you transform into a Venus Flytrap and spit your character out to jump.

Knytt Storieshttp://tinyurl.com/2k535c
A colorful platformer that charges you with saving the planet from a machine that’s sucking the life from the planet.

Platform Racinghttp://tinyurl.com/27pme4
A multiplayer racing game that works like an old-school Mario platformer.

Within a Deep Foresthttp://tinyurl.com/c6ubv7
Pretty, relaxing platform game. Bounce a ball through levels, upgrading it to solve different puzzles.

Hop from planet to planet and gather the Mubbly creatures to help you defeat your foes.

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1http://tinyurl.com/2mc3pj
Keep an eye on Brad Borne. His Fancy Pants Adventure series features fluid animation, fun levels, and the fanciest pants ever worn by a stickman. Borne spent years drawing flipbooks and experimenting with 2D platforming engines, which helps explain Fancy Pants’ unique look.

Create spheres that alter local gravity to fling you where you need to go. Physics!

Space Barnaclehttp://tinyurl.com/d5e3ff
Meet interesting aliens and blast them to bits in this absurdly violent scrolling platformer.

Mirror’s Edge 2Dhttp://www.mirrorsedge2d.com
We told you to keep an eye on Brad Borne and now that you’re reading this, you really have no choice. His latest project is the 2D version of Mirror’s Eddge, which he’s working on with Electronic Arts. Follow the link below to find out how Faith feels in 2D.

Portal: Preludewww.portalprelude.com
Portal: Prelude is an amazing fan-made prequel with an original story, tons of new dialogue, and loads of extremely challenging new maps. The game takes place before GlaDOS was brought online when all test subjects were monitored by actual Aperture Science Employees.

Created by Dvorsky for the BBC, this puzzle game incorporates loads of his gorgeous art.

Tower of Goo Unlimitedhttp://tinyurl.com/zefza
If you haven’t played World of Goo, take about five minutes to give Tower of Goo Unlimited a try. Manipulate and stretch sticky globules of goo to create the highest tower possible.

Invalid Tangramhttp://tinyurl.com/c9pa99
A puzzle-slash-shooter combined with a blocky twist. Every fallen enemy transforms into a colored block that clutters the screen. A commercial version of this game is in development, which is always a good sign when looking for free games that don’t suck.

An ingenious platformer/puzzle game where you flip between worlds of black and white to reach each level’s exit.

Coil http://tinyurl.com/cnzb9t
Deeply odd Flash game abstractly telling the tale of life from conception. Play as a sperm!

Not pr0nhttp://tinyurl.com/b77ct
Advance through a series of puzzles using any means available, including many that feel like cheating. When you can’t access level 3, look very carefully where the finger is pointing and check out the URL.

Narbacular Drophttp://tinyurl.com/cl4jnn
The game that gave us Portal: a student project based on puzzles and portable holes.

On A Rainy Dayhttp://tinyurl.com/cknuc5
An elasticized tree of hands must help paper boats cross a river via judicious use of umbrellas. Yes, it’s like that.

Blight Warriorhttp://tinyurl.com/dx7ks2
Mad fractal physics game based on “Diffusion Limited Aggregation.” May crash your PC. And your brain.

Surround your opponent with ichor to win. A truly astonishing game based on fluid dynamics.

Baron von Puttyngton versus the Cancerous M.C. Escher Maze of Cheesehttp://tinyurl.com/cpmn9b
Use the mouse wheel to spin the level, moving your bouncing block of cheese with the flow of gravity.

Portal: The Flash Versionhttp://tinyurl.com/2gjpjk
Have you ever wanted to play a game so badly that you created a 2D flash version of it? That’s what Hen Mazolski and Ido Tal did. These self-proclaimed Valve fans couldn’t wait to play Portal and decided to work on their own Flash version for the fun of it. Portal: The Flash Version perfectly captures the essence of Valve’s original masterpiece and delivers just about everything you’d expect from a true fan: 40 levels, energy balls, cubes, and turrets await you.

Bounce the neon, glowing plasma ball through the levels, dodging obstacles to reach the end in this stylish physics-based puzzle game.

Draw horizontal or vertical lines to block off sections of the level with colorful shapes, destroying the ships within. That’ll teach them.

Accurately position bombs to propel cute little puff animals toward their goal.

Aim the ball, clear the level of orange pegs. Ode to Joy! Extreme Fever!

Return the color to your grey world using fire, air, ice, lightning, and poison.

A fun Flash game about piling up speakers on the back of a truck. No, really, it’s fun.

Enrichment Centrehttp://tinyurl.com/6ar3qo
Utterly bizarre Flash game loosely set in Portal’s universe. Don’t tell Valve.

Samorost 1http://amanita-design.net
Solve organize puzzles in artist Jakub Dvorsky’s beautiful collage world.

Samorost 2http://amanita-design.net
This time, your little white-hooded fellow has had his dog stolen by aliens!

Lob colorful eyeballs into the air and bounce them off the walls in your never ending quest to form matches of three. Seeing your Splumes bleed bright colors when you squish them is satisfying, and later levels have you interact with moving backgrounds to keep you busy.

You control a creepy three-legged arachnid. Spin webs and drag ‘n drop each of its individual legs to work your way across harsh environments.

Amateur Surgeonhttp://tinyurl.com/bw8393
Alan Probe is a disastrous pizza boy who desperately wants to be a surgeon. Help make his dream come true by performing on-the-spot surgery with the supplies in his van.

Math isn’t supposed to be fun. But grouping numbered tiles together to burst blocks is extremely addicting.

An elegant puzzler using light and shadow to create paths.

Each piece is made up of two colored tiles. After placing the first tile, the second must be placed in the same row or column. Clear tiles – to free up the board – by surrounding them with other tiles of the same color. Unlike many match-the-color games, Primrose never rushes you and gives you time to enjoy mulling over each move.

Do you join with your girlfriend at the start of the game and have a difficult passage through, or go alone and make the journey easier?

Get the block into the hole at the end of each level. It sounds simple, but the tricky levels make it hard to stop playing this clever brainteaser.

A sweet little pixel-art game where you have to balance time between the small child who loves you and exploring the rest of the level.

Lasers not as weapons, but as puzzles. Place mirrors to bounce light and complete systems.

3D Logic 2: Stronghold of the Sagehttp://tinyurl.com/26xr42
Connect matching colored blocks across three faces of a rotating cube, using only straight lines.

Puzzle game about a water droplet changing state from steam to liquid to ice.

The Dark Roomhttp://tinyurl.com/d43ejh
A spinning cube, some mysterious buttons, and the challenge to light up all the sides.

Pool with planets, or golf in space. You use planetary gravity to shoot your ball into the hole.

Tilt the level using the left and right mouse buttons in order to move the little ball to the level’s end.

Super Tummy Bubblehttp://tinyurl.com/c2obmv
Wobbly and fun physics-based color-matching game where you’re clearing out parasites. So it’s educational, too.

Mind-boggling two-player action-puzzle game designed to be played on two PCs side-by-side.

Time-bending puzzle game where you must cooperate with versions of your past self in order to advance.

Simple pattern-matching game where you slid blocks around in the correct order to make them touch and vanish.

Hoshi Saga 2http://tinyurl.com/2mtklw
Discover the star through combinations of clicking and problem solving in 36 levels of puzzles.

Numbers slowly rain; you have to add them to make exactly 10 before they fall from the screen.

Combine simple tools to solve complex puzzles in this fun physics-based game.

The Pantryhttp://tinyurl.com/h87z2
Not so much a game as a strange toy to click on. Watch out for ghosts in the pantry!

Polygon Gmenhttp://polig.daa.jp/tmvr.html
The goal is simple: Grab the key and get to the door. Later levels in this brilliant brainteaser get really tricky and require you to teleport and stack special blocks.

Be Trapped! http://tinyurl.com/2vbgw8
You’re inspector Parker, hunting down clues in order to solve a murder. Wait, we can do better: a MURDER!!!

Crunch Time http://tinyurl.com/c4qqpd
An epic sci-fi MMO is almost ready to release, but a swarm of bugs and glitches threaten to ruin everything. It’ll be up to you and two scantily clad space chicks to match colored gems in order to beat back the bugs and save the day with excellent quality assurance.

Continually resprout as a new plant traveling across the world to achieve your dream of being an acorn.

Mondo Medicalshttp://tinyurl.com/dmhomv
A dark and disturbing first-person puzzle game. It’s kind of like an indie-gaming Eraserhead where things don’t really make sense and the solutions are often insane.

It’s you against a grid of mini-games, where the goal is to figure out how to play before each game ends. Trust your gamer instinct as you work yoru way through Grid16’s many micro challenges.

Meteors are going to destroy the universe…unless you can catch them with your Cyclomite. Soldier, you’ve a universe to save!

Take to the skies and drag the clouds into puzzle-solving shapes. Very genteel.

A charming free-to-play MMO that’s easy to dive into. Explore its gorgeous 2D world, beat down enemies, and form parties in your never ending quest for loot and experience.

Flyff: Fly for Fun is chock full of fantasy flair and sports a respectable class system. Level-up lovers and experience whores who balk at monthly fees and low level caps will feel right at home.

Kingdom of Loathinghttp://kingdomofloathing.com
Want to be savaged by a sabre-toothed lime? The surreal and pop culture filled Kingdom of Loathing manages to parody RPGs while being a great one. Earn meat while fighting monsters and completing quests, or PVP against other players.


Uncover the dark goings-on at an insane asylum in this adventure where the chief doctor has been murdered.

Guest Househttp://tinyurl.com/6d98rb
Figure out how to escape your cell in a mysterious space station. Sure, you can start pushing buttons and flipping switches like a mad man, but what’s the fun in that? Take your time to drink in the visuals while you try to think your way outside the box.

Tale of Two Kingdomshttp://tinyurl.com/dbnbck
You’re the sworn enemy of a king, called on to help him find out who’s attempting to assassinate him.

Are you willing to lie, cheat, and break the law to succeed? Masq plays like an interactive pulp fiction novel, and throws you in the shoes of a fashion designer, trying to launch a new line. Sex, scandal, and murder run rampant through Masq’s multiple plotlines, making for a titillating – albeit somewhat trashy – soap opera affair.

Fate by Numbershttp://tinyurl.com/cechhu
Get your noir on in this dark FMV adventure. Set in a futuristic metropolis – that’s part Blade Runner, part Bogart – Fate by Numbers puts you in the shoes of private detective Alice Sanger. What starts off as a simple assignment to “get the briefcase,” quickly turns into a dangerous mission, full of deceitful characters with mysterious agendas.

Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!http://tinyurl.com/dk4o72
A lady pirate must discover why all the birds are disappearing from the Barony of Meeth.

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigatorhttp://tinyurl.com/cgpyb5
Multi-episodic point-and-click. The first one is called: In Search of the Skunk-Ape.

Reactor 09http://tinyurl.com/dfb4ha
A mysterious malfunction causes a power outage at a futuristic jail, making unlikely companions out of a prisoner and a guard. Use your point ‘n click logic to escape while earning the guard’s trust.

Anika’s Oddysseyhttp://tinyurl.com/ypwqju
Hunt for your stolen rabbit friend in this mesmerizing adventure game. Aw.

DayMare Townhttp://www.daymaretown.com/
Sketchily drawn adventure game where you explore a creepy deserted town.

The Infinity Stringhttp://tinyurl.com/d5gmqk
You’re the sole American at an Arctic research station where weird events are occurring.

Fedora Spadehttp://tinyurl.com/djp4bu
Play as a bourbon loving detective. Interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and collect clues to solve the crime in this 8-bit mystery series.

Soup ver 0.9http://tinyurl.com/dmxdou
Each room in Soup is like an interactive installation piece that introduces you to another aspect of the author’s madness.

Roughly translated as “Flashback,” Ruckblende is about a man who comes to terms with his childhood memories.

Maikibishi Comichttp://tinyurl.com/3df6w7
Search through five bizarre worlds to find the missing ninja in this mad manga-styled adventure.

Bars of Black and Whitehttp://tinyurl.com/cm29vo
Beware the barcodes! Escape the room in this low-rent high-minded brain teaser.

Two gunshots pierce the silence when you witness a murder. Track down the killer in this dark and moody mystery.

The Graveyard http://tinyurl.com/cbuprt
A short game described by the dev as “an experiment in real-time poetry without words.” Control an old lady walking through a graveyard.

Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Diehttp://tinyurl.com/5tb5rj
If you haven’t played any of Telltale’s new Sam & Max episodes yet, you can try this one for free. Their fourth downloadable romp finds our canine and lapine heroes battling their greatest foe yet: politics.

The Visitorhttp://tinyurl.com/7xgo7a
A point-and-click adventure about an alien who must grow by inhabiting and exploding animals.

A Cure for the Common Cold http://tinyurl.com/d22xmf
Shuffle through your crummy home in your quest to feel better.

5 Days a Strangerhttp://tinyurl.com/yoq4sv
The opening episode of Croshaw’s AGS-built adventure series. Cat burglar Trilby finds himself mixed up in a time-spanning ghost story.

7 Days a Skeptichttp://tinyurl.com/d7p3uo
400 years after 5DaS, the crew of the ship Mephistopheles finds a mysterious artifact and learns that the ghosts of the past aren’t as dead as they’d like.

Trilby’s Noteshttp://tinyurl.com/cq4a99
Now four years after 5DaS, we learn more about Trilby as he finds himself reunited with his past and the repercussions of his actions.

6 Days a Sarificehttp://tinyurl.com/cvayks
The fourth and final game in the quartet, set in multiple times hundreds of years apart, ties up the loose ends of the previous three games.

Trilby: The Art of Thefthttp://tinyurl.com/yu8u6e
Ben Croshaw’s recurring Trilby character this time appears in a stealth-platformer, but maintains his distinctive retro style.

Beneath a Steel Skyhttp://tinyurl.com/obwq7
Beautiful and funny. You play an amnesiac with a sarcastic robot.

Duty and Beyondhttp://tinyurl.com/cysfzc
A charming adventure about a pizza deliverer who will stop at nothing to deliver his pie.

Covert Front 2http://tinyurl.com/cfsa4h
In the second episode of this spy thriller you’ll need to escape a dungeon with secret intelligence.

Apprentice II: The Knight’s Movehttp://tinyurl.com/cm76nw
You’re a wizard’s apprentice in a series of adventure games. This episode is our favorite.

Ratmaze 2http://tinyurl.com/2jdcw4
You’re a rate, you’re in a maze, and you need to collect letters and cheese.

American McGee’s Grimm: The Golden Goosehttp://tinyurl.com/cchzkz
American McGee returns to his trademarked fairytale twisting that put his name on the map with Alice. In Grimm, words are weapons and censorship is your enemy. Try the fifth episode from season two for free at GameTap.

You play a guest who’s been invited to spend an evening with your old friends Trip and Grace. The voice acting and reactions to your typed responses are eerily realistic. Depending on how you react, scandalous details about their rocky relationship are revealed as their marriage falls apart before your eyes.

King’s Quest I & King’s Quest IIhttp://www.agdinteractive.com
Freeware remakes of the adventure classics, now fully playable on Windows XP.

Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Firehttp://www.agdinteractive.com
Choose a fighter, magic user, or thief and click your way through this updated version of the classic Sierra adventure.

Beat ‘em up
Viva Caligula http://tinyurl.com/ynppls
Play as the most sadistic emperor to rule Rome. Take charge of Caligula and unite the Roman people against yourself by going on a murderous rampage. Scream obscenities (or sweet nothings) into your microphone to increase Caligula’s Rage Meter for extra damage and points.

Platform beat-em-up with combos, wall-jumps, and plenty of violence.

Bokorin http://tinyurl.com/cqvfvj
It’s raining men. Men who must be kicked with combo-fighting skills by your tiny flying ninja.

Nothing is safe from Forumwarz’ snarky satire. This meta-RPG rips on everything on the internet from Google to RickRolls. Will you play as Camwhore, Emokid, or Troll? Find out how to unequivocally “pwn” your peers in Forumwarz.

There aren’t enough games where your head is shaped like a gun. Try this wonderful WASD-controlled golf game set in a wireframe world.

The Line Golferhttp://tinyurl.com/2yp6po
You play on a golf course of your own devising, drawing it yourself before hitting the links.

Get your golf on with this free-to-play online game. Challenge other players and fine tune your character’s stats by customizing his costumes, clubs, mascots, and caddies.

Ragdoll Monkey Bowlinghttp://tinyurl.com/d8rsph
More proof that monkeys have the power to make anything better. Use a crane to launch them towards the pins in this ragdoll simulation.

Rokkitball http://instantaction.com
How all basketball will be played in the future: by space marines with magnets and rockets.

Tiny Hawkhttp://tinyurl.com/c7bmf3
A one-button game. Choose whether your tiny skateboarder jumps, grinds, or kickflips.

Eternal Daughterhttp://tinyurl.com/dggcbm
Due to its incredible art, beautiful soundtrack, and engaging story, Eternal Daughter is a pleasure to play. If you want a great platformer/RPG that’ll send you swimming through nostalgic memories of the old SNES days, you owe it to yourself to take the time to play this classic freeware title.

Charles Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaidenhttp://tinyurl.com/dmh3zh
In the future, the mighty Chaos Dunk will destroy Manhattan in this retro RPG. You play as an older and wiser Charles Barkley, who’s been framed for unleashing the forbidden jam that killed millions. Tap into all your mad skills to ball, bash, and blast your way through the ruins of Neo-Manhattan to clear your name and solve the mystery behind the deadly Chaos Dunk.

The Desolate Roomhttp://tinyurl.com/cujwoh
After feeding hard boiled eggs to a walking coffee maker, you somehow wind up in a surreal Japanese role-playing game, where you control the virtual minds of the dead robots around you.

Linear RPGhttp://tinyurl.com/arg4bu
Run to the right to defeat enemies and level-up while the game’s hilarious plot unfolds in the background. Each dot represents an inn where you can save.

Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever http://tinyurl.com/oy23q
Control one of the weakest and most beloved/hated monsters in MMO history, the Murloc. Level-up your gurgling Murloc, equip him with epic gear, conquer the Gurubashi Arena and solo your way through Zul ‘Gurub. Full of great jokes and surprises, Stranglethorn Fever is the sort of game that only a true World of Warcraft fan could create, and one that all WoW fans will enjoy.

Exit Fatehttp://tinyurl.com/d6nchq
Turn-based RPG with tactical strategy combat. And bribery.

Doom: Fall of Marshttp://tinyurl.com/d5vqvo
A fan-made RPG that combines the dungeon crawling gameplay of Diablo with the hellish demons from Doom.

The Crypts of Despairhttp://tinyurl.com/c7dh3d
Pixels replace the usual ASCII graphics in this rogue-style RPG.

Elder Scrolls: Arena http://tinyurl.com/22jg2
The incredible first-person RPG that gave rise to the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind, and Oblivion.

Last Scenariohttp://tinyurl.com/cpsp97
This role-playing game features loads of side-quests and its own spell-card system.

This side-scrolling satire on World of Warcraft injects a bit of Western ideology into its high fantasy setting. Find out what happens when powerful thinkers like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Mary Daly try to figure out just “WTF?!” is up with this MMORPG.

Battleships Foreverhttp://tinyurl.com/5q9tfg
Command a fleet of warships in this sci-fi RTS. Battleships Forever features incredibly detailed units and a satisfying singleplayer campaign.

A freeware RTS that began by sprucing up Total Annihilation, but now exists as an indie alternative.

Super Energy Apocalypsehttp://tinyurl.com/dy93hr
Defend your trash-recycling center from never ending zombie attacks. Manage pollution and corpses to prevent the zombies from growing stronger and keep the human resistance well fed. Has both tutorial campaign and sandbox modes.

Ground Controlhttp://tinyurl.com/cc6t56
A race of super-women, giant artillery trucks, and a twitch approach to real-time strategy; precursor to today’s World in Conflict.

The Jeluvian Projecthttp://tinyurl.com/dl8cet
A sci-fi turn-based strategy game. Ignore the graphics: there’s some deep, thoughtful skirmishing here.

Command & Conquer Gold http://tinyurl.com/d4mnyv
The first game in the revered C&C RTS series introduced the world to Tiberium and the evil Kane.

Take over the galaxy one map at a time by launching waves of your geometric ships at neighboring planets.

Colonization was Sid Meier’s American history strategy game. Read the manual before you start this one.

UFO: Alien Invasionhttp://tinyurl.com/dlkkxs
A modern reinterpretation of the X-COM games, following their use of Geoscape and Tactical modes.

Naked Warhttp://www.naked-war.com
Cute email strategy game for free trial. Quirky and very, very British.

The classic Settlers of Catan board-game, rebuilt for the PC. Up to four players can join in.

Ballistic Warshttp://tinyurl.com/ddun7j
A turn-based strategy game where you roll your units like marbles. Crash your soldiers against the enemy to destroy them.

Zombie City Tacticshttp://tinyurl.com/c5jqq9
Find out if you can outsmart the unthinking horde of undead in this top-down strategy game.

A superb cross between Minesweeper and Civilization, with barbarian hordes.

A crack team of bears fight crime with puzzle-solving and timely maneuvers.

Desktop Tower Defencehttp://tinyurl.com/ywbza2
A brilliant reinvention of strategy gaming. Defend your desk from wave upon wave of abstract monsters by putting up turrets.

Dice Warshttp://tinyurl.com/mwhmk
Remember when the board game Risk turned your best friends into mortal enemies? Those were the days – and you can have them back with this online strategy game.

Pilot your jellyfish through the sea, sting enemy creatures and deposit their eggs to grow. Blush’s smooth animations and mellow soundtrack makes leveling up your jellyfish a mesmerizing experience.

Social Screensaver
The Endless Foresthttp://tinyurl.com/d4nhuf
Be a deer and try this strangely compelling online game/screensaver.

Dwarf Fortresshttp://tinyurl.com/cokymn
Terrifyingly complex RPG where you manage a team of dwarves as they hollow out a mountain.

Doom, the Roguelike http://tinyurl.com/d9uwhy
An ASCII shooter set in the Doom universe, so replace wands with double-barreled shotguns.

Frozen Depthshttp://tinyurl.com/da5syd
Imagine a dungeon-crawler set in icy wastelands where you need to keep warm.

An experiment in what happens when an old-school dungeon-crawler meets interactive fiction.

Game Art
The Marriagehttp://tinyurl.com/cpufg4
Two squares represent a husband and wife in this abstract look at the mechanics of a relationship. Deep, man.

First-person Typer
QWERTY Warriors 2 http://tinyurl.com/2gnjo6
Get comfy with the home keys and type the words attached to each falling enemy before they damage your character.

Zombie Typocalypse http://tinyurl.com/d76wof
Type out each zombie dialogue before they stumble to the front of the screen and start feasting on your brains. Upgrade your guns and use traps – like electric fences – to stave off the horde as you make your way to the space shuttle for your grand escape.

A dance game that you can play via keyboard or dance pad. The game’s site hosts some detailed tutorials that teach you how to create and share your own songs.

Flash-based rhythm game that uses the keyboard as your drum kit.

Frets on Firehttp://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/
This Guitar Hero clone features user-made tracks. Use the keyboard to hit notes and strum with the ‘Enter’ key. Better yet, plug in a USB Guitar Hero controller for the full experience.

Grow larger as you gobble up colorful creatures in this top-down evolutionary oddity.

You’ll need to be quick with your mouse in order to capture all the Doeos that pop in and out of the picture. It’s very Japanese and very fun.

8 MMORPGs that deliver full-price fun for no money down
Shin Megami Tensei: Imaginehttp://megaten.aeriagames.com

Requiem: Bloodymarehttp://playrequiem.com

Dungeon Runnershttp://dungeonrunners.com

Shaiya: Light and Darknesshttp://shaiya.aeriagames.com


Fiesta Onlinehttp://fiesta.outspark.com

Sword of the New World: Granado Espadahttp://swordofthenewworld.com

CABAL Onlinehttp://cabalonline.com

YouTube games
Tube Adventureshttp://tinyurl.com/6q6gaq
Victor Losa’s Tube Adventures was one of the first of these YouTube video games to pop up. The mechanics will flood veteran adventure gamers with the sweet nectar of nostalgia: The hapless Eusebia can’t find the bakery, and so at certain junctures you’re prompted for directions, given the option to pick up and use items, and so on. All your voices link to other videos fairly seamlessly, and there are even dialog options. Tube Adventures is still in the process of being translated into English (this only adds to the hilarity when your guy spontaneously beats up the bewigged Paco for ‘refusing to him you progress to the bakery without the earring of BA Baracus’), but despite this and the simple game mechanics, it could be the first crest in a bold new wave of indie PC games.

YouTube Street Fighter with Sota Toys Action Figureshttp://tinyurl.com/covowr
Street Fighter combined with stop motion animation makes for a powerful combo. You play as Guile and select Zangief, Dhalsim, or E. Honda as your opponent. When the buttons to your left start flashing, you can push one of them to perform various attacks. Unless you purposefully push nothing just to see what happens, it’s almost impossible to lose. But if seeing action figure Guilde slap E. Honda with a Sonic Boom in someone’s bathroom doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what’s wrong with you.

The Time Machinehttp://tinyurl.com/dbq8gc
The Time Machine is another great adventure game. Chad, Matt, and Rob need your help to make it to their 12 o’clock meeting without dying. There’s only one problem: Rob is covered in dinosaur snot. Okay, so there are a bunch of problems: A squad of government agents are chasing the trio through their office building and now Rob’s trying to get you to jump in a garbage can, which he insists is a working time machine. Chad, Matt, and Rob will be fired if you make the wrong choice. So do you jump in the garbage can or not? Hint: Jump in the freaking garbage can.
YouTube Channel
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Pirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled withPirate Neilsouth is not someone to be trifled with


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genci88 is still being judged by the masses


Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe
It contains the original award-winning Hidden & Dangerous game, the Devil's Bridge expansion pack, the game editor, all the patches, updates, etc


Why they haven't included this one is beyond me.
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- If I had the choice between being gay and owning a Mac, I would rather be gay, because if I owned a Mac I would be both gay and own a horrible computer.

- Imagine a giant cock flying towards your mouth, and there's nothing you can do about it. And you're like "Oh man, I'm gonna have to suck this thing", and you brace yourself to suck this giant cock. But then, at the last moment, it changes trajectory and hits you in the eye. You think to yourself "Well, at least I got that out of the way", but then the giant cock rears back and stabs your eye again, and again, and again. Eventually, this giant cock is penetrating your gray matter, and you begin to lose control of your motor skills. That's when the giant cock slaps you across the cheek, causing you to fall out of your chair. Unable to move and at your most vulnerable, the giant cock finally lodges itself in your anus, where it rests comfortably for 4, maybe 5 hours. That's what using Mac OSX is like.
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