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Default HOW TO: Overclock your video card (basic)...

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page for the complete thread.

Overclocking Steps

First thing you must do is download an overclocking program like Rivatuner, Powerstrip, Rage 3D Tweak, etc. Dont ask which one is the best, try them yourself and see which one works best for you. *Coolbits is a registry edit that enables overclocking in Nvidia cards*

Second thing is now go into the overclocking program and there should be 2 sliders: one for core and the other for memory. (If using coolbits oc in the 3D tab not 2D). Now first just work with the core. Move the slider about 5-10mhz apply it, and now go into the program 3D Mark 2K3 (can be downloaded at futuremark.com) and start it up if your system locks up or there is 'snow' exit and back it down by about 2-3mhz and recheck. If there is no snow and it doesn't lock up then you're good to oc further. So repeat by increasing another 5-10mhz until you reach your maximum where it's stable.

Now to the memory, firstly return your core back to stock. Now repeat the first step except you're obviously now ocing the memory. *Note* this time artifacts may appear rather than snow.

Now return your core to the oced speeds you had before in order to make sure the oced core and memory work together. Loop 3D Mark 2K3 a few times to see if you get any snow, artifacts or lock ups. It is also a good idea to play an intensive 3D game for bout an hour or 2 to check for any signs of problems.

If you get any problems then back down both the core and memory a bit (around 2mhz). Keep doing that until you get the most stable speeds.

With that done you've finished. Everything has worked out good and you have succesfully oced your card. If you want to oc further then you will have to buy better cooling/vmod the card via bios or hard mod.

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