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Default HOW TO: Overclocking an A64 CPU...

The Somewhat Complete AMD 64 Overclocking Guide.

Critical Overclocking Programs you’ll need:

CPU-Z: General System Monitor and report.
ClockGen: Make sure your get the version for your Chipset. This program allows you to Overclock from within windows. Not always as reliable as physically changing BIOS settings, but gives you an easy way to play with your settings without dozens of reboots.
Memtest86: You'll need to run this from a Floppy or Bootable CD. This basic program is still considered the best for testing your RAM
SuperPi: Intensive mathematical program that stresses CPU/Memory pretty extensively. I like this program because it gives you a good indication of your overclock in under a minute’s time.

== Critical Components for a Quality Overclock ==

POWER SUPPLY Power Supplies are missed so often when it comes to figure out why your system isnt overclockig the way it should. DONT SKIMP HERE! Get yourself a quality Power Supply and you'll never regret it. The Power Supply that comes with most cases is garbage. If budget is tight, Go with an ANTEC or ENERMAX case. These usually come with a pretty decent supply. FOr detailed Power Supply Information, see DavidHammock's Power Supply Guide

RAM Ram has come a long way since A64's have been Introduced. Balancing Speed and Timings is Critical for best overall performance. FOr 1 gb kits, TCCD and UTT/BH-5 are excellent. FOr 2gb Kits, look for Infineon or Micron Chips. My personal favorite right now are the G.Skill HX series. Great speeds with excellent timings.

There are several more factors that go into a quality and Stable A64 Overclock, that there are with Older XP and Intel based systems. A few of the factors we need to take into Consideration are

CPU Multiplier
CPU Voltage
HTT Frequency
HTT Multiplier
Memory Divider (There is ALWAYS a memory Divider with a A64 system)
Memory Voltage
Ram Timings
Chipset Voltage

Finding the right combination of these settings is the only way to get the most out of your A64

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This one is a little bit of a long read,


just need to take the memory dividers/speeds into consideration with an AM2.
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