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Console Gaming A place to discuss our favourite past and present gaming consoles. Talk about your favorite games, get nostalgic and share tips and strategies.

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Buggy Loop
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Default Famitsu, Dengeki and Dorimaga scores

PS2/GC Pawafuru Baseball 10 8,9,9,8
PS2/GC Bomberland 2 6,6,7
PS2 R-TYPE Final 7,7,7,7
PS2 Shoto Battle 01 7,7,8
GC F-ZERO 9,8,9
GC Kirby Airride 8,8,8
XB Moto GP 7,6,8
XB Lake Master 6,8,7
GBA Sonic Pinball 7,6,7
GBA Buktai 9,9,6
GBA Shining Soul2 8,7,7

Dengeki PS2
Pawafuru Baseball 10 90,90,95,95
Bomberland 2 70,75,85,85
R-Type Final 70,80,75,70
F-1 55,75,80,85

FAMITSU review scores

PS2/GC Pawafuru Baseball 10 9999
PS2/GC Bomberland 2 8776
PS2 R-TYPE Final 8898
PS2 Rockman (Megaman) X7 7876
GC Kirby Airride 8899
GC Charinko Hero 7667
GC Doraemon 6566
XB Moto GP 8888
XB Lake Master 7667

GBA Mario Advance 9889
GBA Sonic Pinball 8878
GBA Buktai 8,9,10,9
GBA Hamster 4 6666
GBA Micky & Minnie 2 6666

Fzero got good scores, and im truely surprised at the score Kirby air ride got. Boktai aswell, shows that Kojima hasnt lost touch.

Rough translation of the KAR review

- Admirable system.
- prejudice may be held to the extent in the beginning
- epoch-making - doing - also with a large lump element
- leisurely good for parents and children to play together

- It will be the highest, if the idea of the mechanism which becomes so interesting that it competes with a family and a friend is abundant and there is environment of LAN.

- A strategy change - Does entirely by the individual machine, and a lump element full load and waging war are quite hot.

- So the the best for easy operation and competing with a friend freely that puzzlement is memorized

And info about killer7
Killer 7
- time shift between 2 different time era (modern age and 2005)
- 5 Story and 4 different world
- Control method still unknown
-30% completed

Here's a boktai promotion in japan, look how awesome the GBA SP is

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Hmmmm... Death.
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Great, but expected scores for FZero and Boktai, pretty surprised Kirby's Air Ride did as well as it did. That game just looked so... "filler" to me.
'When it comes to Nintendo strategy, it's not that we want to make games for kids. It's that we want to make them creative while appealing to a wider audience. Obviously we see games as entertainment, and what we want to do is find the best way to make the gameplay experience entertaining for everyone."-Shigeru Miyamoto

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