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Legacy ATI Discussion and Technical Support Discussion and technical support forum for legacy ATI technology such as Rage, Rage Fury and Rage MAXX.

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Recent problems with D3D not functioning and system lockups when testing 3D and/or using any type of "capture" in the ATI Player have been traced to a reference to a totally botched up upgrade of Dr. Solomon's Anti Virus in autoexec.bat. This was driving me absolutely nuts but through process of elimination using MSCONFIG to boot without Autoexec Config.sys and startup group then allowing one line at a time of each to run till the problem developed again pinpointed the problem.

Now I have a question for the group. I see the following items in my startup group (am running with several items de-selected already)and am not sure if they are necessary components or not. Two are definitely ATI items the others probably not but I'm curious as to what they might be.


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IFSplash and Immcheck are used for force feedback devices like joysticks. You can disable IFSplash but the device may not work. You can probably get by without Immcheck. It checks that your system has a gameport and DirectX 5 or higher installed.

How do I turn off Immersion Splash?
Immersion Splash is a simple applet that runs when a product using Immersion TouchSense technology is detected at startup or through plug-n-play. To disable Immersion Splash, go to the Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel and open the Immersion Control Panel. Uncheck the "Enable Immersion Startup Splash" box. You can also permanently remove it from your system by deleting the file "ImmSplsh.exe" from your WINDOWS directory. To permanently remove the I-FORCE Control Panel, delete the file "ImmSplash.cpl" from your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Note: Some systems may call the WINDOWS directory WIN95, WIN98, or some other variation. Also, earlier versions of this program were called I-FORCE Splash and comprised of the files "IFSplash.exe" and "Iforce.cpl". The correct name of the file is "ImmSplsh.cpl".

1E. ImmCheck

ImmCheck is a program created by the Immersion Corporation to insure that your system has DirectX 5 or greater and a Game Port Joystick installed. With out them, your I-Force Device will not function properly. Should your computer fail to load these devices, ImmCheck will enable and give you a message, informing you of the missing component. ImmCheck can be disabled by deleting the file "immcheck.exe" from either the "c:\windows" or "c:\windows\system" folders.

If you have a non-Microsoft gameport driver installed, Immcheck may be fooled into thinking there is no gameport at all. Simply delete the immcheck.exe files (as above) to disable the un-needed warning.

a.) DirectX 5 Detection

Currently, all Windows 98 systems have DirectX 5 or greater incorporated into the operating system. If you have Windows 95 and are unsure if you have DirectX 5 or greater installed, please follow these steps provided:

1) Click on the Start button.
2) Choose Find, then click on "Files or Folders"
3) In the "Named" box, type DXSETUP.EXE
4) In the "Look in" box, choose the C drive.
5) Click "Find Now"
6) Your computer will now search your hard drive for this program. If it doesn't find it, you probably don't have DirectX installed. If it does, it should find a program of at least 87 kilobytes.
7) Double-click on the little computer icon of the DXSETUP program found.
8) You should have a three column box appear with numbers in the middle column. Check the version number of DirectInput. It should be at least 4.05.XX.XXXX. If your computer reads 4.03.XX.XXXX or less, you probably have an earlier version of Direct X and need to upgrade. You can download a free copy of Direct X 6 from the Microsoft website at www.microsoft.com/directx. You can also find it bundled with most of the more recent games, or find it packaged on CD-ROMS in many computer games magazines.

b.) Detecting a Game Port Joystick

If ImmCheck detects that you do not have a Game Port or if ImmCheck fails to run and you are unsure if you have one installed, please take the following steps to insure its presence.

1) Click on the "Start" button
2) Choose "Settings."
3) Click on "Control Panel"
4) In the Control Panel box, double-click on the "System" icon.
5) Click the "Device Manager" tab.
6) Double click on "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" in the list.
7) If you do not see a "Game Port Joystick" appear in the list, proceed to the following directions.

c.) Installing a Game Port Joystick

To install a Game Port Joystick, please take the following steps.

1) Open the Control Panel from the Start menu under Settings.
2) Open the Game Controllers icon in the Control Panel.
3) Click on "Add...".
4) Click on "Add Other...".
5) Choose "Microsoft" under Manufacturers and "Game Port Joystick" under Models
6) Click Next
7) Click on Finish to continue installing the software.
8) Restart your computer if prompted.


1) Immcheck is disabled if the computer is left on for more than 49 days. Restarting the computer will re-enable the program. Force Feedback device is unaffected by the status of Immcheck, regardless if it's enabled or disabled.

2) Labels for Gas and Brake pedals are reversed in the "test input" screen of the driver applet when in independent pedal mode. This has absolutely no effect in games supporting independent pedal axis inputs. In games that are not capable of supporting a third controller axis, combined mode **must** be used.

Nobody seems to know what the ATI startup programs do!

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Kill the ATI startup progs. They're not necessary, and probably just take up resources for nothing.

Cheran Shunmugavel
(Still proud to use a Rage Pro!)
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