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Default My Cooler Master HYPER 6 heatsink review

***********COOLER MASTER HYPER 6 REVIEW***********


Socket Type AMD K8 (socket 754/940) and Intel P4 (socket 478)
Heat Sink Dimension 96x82x120 mm
Heat Sink Material 6 heat pipes + 100% Copper stacked fin with copper base
Fan Dimension 80x80x25 mm
Fan Speed 1800 ~ 3000 rpm
Fan Life Expectance 40,000 hrs
Bearing Type Rifle bearing
Voltage Rating 6 ~ 12V
Noise Level 21 ~ 34 dB(A)
Connector 4 Pin (Power Input), 3 Pin (Speed Detection)
Application P4 all frequencies and K8


Well, all my stuff came in from Directron.com yesterday, and I was very excited to review this heatsink. Directron is selling this heatsink for 40$, which is a great price for the best P4 heatsink out there. Here is a pic of the nice packaging it came in...

The heatsink is HUGE. Even comes in its own box with a handle! It weighs about 2lbs with *ONE* fan on. The HYPER 6 was meant the be used by itself, meaning you dont really need a fan, but if you're OCing, its best to have one. The picture below is the HYPER 6 heatsink

The heatsink has a very nice base ( shown below ) and six heatpipes. The heatsink also has stacked pieces of copper to improve cooling and add onto the surface area. The edges have a nice zig zag/ripple design also, looks very cool.

Installation of the HYPER 6 was very easy, but requires you to remove the motherboard. The package comes with everything you need, screws, mounts, backplate for both intel/amd ( a64 ), clips,bracket, and even some cooler master thermal grease ( silicon;white ). So I removed my Abit AI7 and begun installing the HYPER 6. I had to remove the standard P4 bracket surrounding the CPU to install the one it came with. Then it was time to put the backplate on. This was a very simple process, all it required was screwing four screws into the bracket on the opposite side. Finaly, the HYPER 6 could be layed on the motherboard. After applying some AS5 and laying the H6 on the motherboard, I had to mount it down with two retention clips, which left the H6 safely in place. Here is how it looks installed...

Now it was time to put my system back together, and start OCing! Here is how my rig looks all put together with the HYPER 6. The fan the HYPER 6 comes with is pretty good to. It does [email protected] and comes with its own fan controller.

Now onto the test results. The only thing I could compare it agaisnt was the stock 3.0C cooler I had and the results were VERY good. Here is the setup:

Intel P4 [email protected] ( 250fsb ) using 1.600v
Abit AI7 865 PE motherboard using BIOS 17
4x256mb PC4000
Sapphire 9800 pro [email protected]/385
SB Audigy 2 ZS
2x80gb 7,2000

ambient temp: 80* F

The following results were from ABIT EQ, which are known to be off by atleast 8-10*.

Intel stock cooler: 47* idle / 57* load
Cooler Master HYPER 6 fanless: 48* idle / 55* load
Cooler Master HYPER 6 low speed fan: 43* idle / 49* load
Cooler Master HYPER 6 High speed fan: 42* idle / 47* load

The results speak for themselves. The Cooler Master HYPER 6 is a GREAT heatsink, and you cant beat the $40 price. That said, I highly recomend this heatsink to anyone that wants the best. The fact that you can run this thing fanless and still get better temps than a stock intel cooler is amazing. Add a high CFM fan to the mix and you can get some really low temps. I give it an overall score of


*Very good cooling
*Looks sweet
*Works with both Intel/A64(754/940)
*Comes with 80mm fan
*Can be used w/o fan

*This thing is supported by CLIPS


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I would say it is big, bulky, stupid looking, but effective. It is hard to tell how well my new heatsink works because my case is retarded airflow wise, but the h-6 does keep it just a bit hotter then my SLOWER 2100+ processor at stock speeds, so other then how retarded the h-6 looks it is not a bad one to go with according to your tests.
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Where did you get it for $40?
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