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Console Gaming A place to discuss our favourite past and present gaming consoles. Talk about your favorite games, get nostalgic and share tips and strategies.

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Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
Haha yeah, but I'll keep the Madden just because its on GameCube and I can use the great condition GameCube case to swap with a better game that has a beat up case. I actually pick up any cheap good condition sports games on GameCube for that reason. Just need to remove the NFL license sticker which is a PITA.
Yeah, I sometimes wonder about people who go for complete collections... does anyone really want to have every version of every sports game on the gamecube?

Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
I think I was most happy at getting the Wavebird receiver...
I have 2 wavebirds, but I'd like to get another couple and just put my wired controllers in storage forever. I bought them from gamestop's online store, for some reason they were marked down to $25 each. I really should have bought all 4 then.

Originally Posted by Meteor_of_War View Post
I now have the complete sub-set on GameCube. Mario Party 4,5,6,7.
Cool beans. Actually I don't think I've ever actually played a mario party game, but they seem neat and I'd definitely pick them up if I could get them at good prices.
Originally Posted by KAC View Post
To be honest I never even found doom 3 to be scary since I have a big dick since birth.

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