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Default Data Recovery of Mac HDD on a PC

I don't have an apple to recover data from a hard disk formatted in HFS+ so I'd like to know what is the best program to use to recover data off of a HFS+-formatted SATA drive on a PC.

I also welcome any suggestions in regards to free apple utilities and softwares available for macs to do the same thing. I might just try to install OSX on some random x86 computer that I have and try to recover the data that way.

I tried some other program, but it really failed miserably.
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Been looking for software like this. Found zero so far.
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I've done this for an older Mac.

Dumped the HDD to an image file from a DOS boot using an old program called Dolly to create the image, then I mounted that image in a Linux install to extract the files.

It's likely you can do all this in VM's these days.

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