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Other Graphics Cards and 3D Technologies Discussion forum for any graphics hardware not provided by AMD/ATI. Also place to discuss 3D technologies such as 3D Stereo, PhysX and other interesting developments/rumours in the 3D industry.

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Originally Posted by demo View Post
Pro vive vs vanilla? Worth the premium?
The answer sort of depends. I do find the higher resolution to be quite a bit better than the standard Vive. I've seen some people claim that they can't tell a difference...well, I could easily see a difference. It still has screen door effect, but it's significantly reduced and easier to ignore (you learn to ignore it in both headsets pretty quickly). In my opinion, Vive Pro with wireless adapter is the current "pinnacle" of VR (remains to be seen how the Index changes the equation).

On the other side of the coin, compared to the standard Vive, the Pro is harder to run, especially if you get the wireless adapter. A six core processor is an absolute must for running the Vive Pro Wireless. Four core processors just get bogged down, even if you overclock them to 5 GHz. Also you're going to probably want a minimum of a 2070/1080 to push the higher res with 2080/1080 Ti being better. But it looks like you have an 8700K and 1080 Ti already so you shouldn't have any problems.

Then the other thing is price, which is a lot higher. In the end I guess it comes down to whether you can easily afford it or not. If you really have to stretch to do it, then the reality is the Vive gives you 90% of the experience for a much lower price point. Vive Pro overall is better, but like everything high end, the price goes up a lot faster than the performance/quality.

With that being said, if you're not planning to go wireless the Valve Index offers a similar package for a bit less than the Vive Pro. You also have the option of buying the Vive kit and then simply upgrading the headset to the Index later (it's back ordered for several months, so you won't get it any time soon). Wireless is pretty awesome though, I won't lie, so the fact that no wireless option has been announced for the Index is a pretty big downside. Even though you can "get used to" the cord, the fact is it's always there at the back of your mind, whereas with wireless you can literally lose track of which way you're facing in real life.

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