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Old Mar 26, 2003, 11:16 PM   #1
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Tom Imp
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Default Clock speed - What does it benefit?

Okay, I may not know very much about the technical part of computers, but even I know that memory is more important to a computer's speed than the clock speed.

That said, what exactly does the clock speed do and how does the computer benefit from higher numbers (i.e. 2.4 GHz vs 2.8 GHz)?
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During every clock cycle that the CPU goes through, it processes a certain number of instructions (think of them as steps toward building a final product). When you increase the clock speed, you're increasing the number of clock cycles that occur every second, therefore increasing the amount of work that the CPU does within a fixed time period.
Remember that frequency is measured in Hertz (Mhz=1 million hertz, Ghz=1 billion hertz). 1 Hertz is equal to 1 per second. So if you increase the frequency, you're increasing how often something is happening within one second. In this case, you're increasing how often the CPU processes instructions.
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Well, memory is only more important until you have enough to do everything your computer needs to do.

IE., if all the apps you want to run at once only take up 500mb of memory, then a system with a gigabyte of ram will perform exactly 0% better than a system with 512mb.

Once you have 'enough', more makes no difference at all. Generally, for almost everything out today, 512 is 'enough'.

CPUs aren't like that. A faster CPU will ALWAYS run things quicker and better than a slower CPU.

And, CPU speed makes a pretty huge impact in performance now. I'd say between a 2.4 and 2.8 you won't NOTICE it. It will be measurably better, certainly. But, not something that will jump out and smack you.

Perhaps the most important part of the computer for gaming is the 3d card. Not ram, nor speed, but core generation. A 'modern' graphics card is almost always the best way to get better game performance.
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