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Default Why using raid setup when u can lose datas such as raid 0?

I heard that you can lose datas when using raid stuff such as raid 0, but I still dont know why ppl are using raid.
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You only lose data if a harddrive fails. And, if you are running all your crap on one disk, you'll lose just as much data.

RAID 0 is a little risky, as their is no backup capability built into it - the data is just striped across the drives - so if you lose one, you lose all the data on all of them (at least, the ability to read it). Needless to say, it's very fast.

Once you get into various other RAID schemes, it's actually a good idea, because it does provide various layers of data backup. IE., you can lose a drive without losing any data.

Let's see you try to do THAT just storing everything on a single drive.

By RAID-5, you have the drive scheme all servers will use simply because of how completely and reliably it allows for data verification and storage. IIRC, in a 5-disk RAID-5 configuration, you can lose 2 drives without any impact in system performance or data loss.
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Johnny Chimpo
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Like Xander said if you had only 1 disk and it failed you would still lose your data. I use RAID 0 and it is noticably faster. I also dont have any important data on mine, its just for gaming and internet. Purely a fun pc. So if I lose data the worst it would be is saved game files.
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