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Update #27 WW2
Hello folks,
A few things for today’s update.

First of all, it’s a bit cold in Moscow right now. Catching a LAX-MOW flight is always fun in winter, especially in late January – early February. Board the plane in balmy LA with +82 F outside (+27 C), bam, 12 hours later walk out to -16 F (-27 C). It’s so cold inside my apartment, I literally have to sleep wearing outside clothes under two sets of blankets. Managed to land here during the coldest week of the entire Russian winter. Eagle Dynamics offices are a bit better, especially during the day when the outside warms up a bit. Early in the morning when you just get in though, well, today we’ve been joking about working at Igloo Dynamics.

The FW.190 manual is progressing very well. Been keeping me very busy. Sometimes jet lag is a good thing, gives me so much more time to work on those charts and graphics, but working from home at night with the world frozen stiff around me and the winds howling outside, well, it’s quite an experience.

The Bf 109 is getting along nicely. Two programmers are working on it at the moment, one dealing with various internal systems, and the second one doing cockpit gauges and animations. The internal systems are pretty much done, there’s just a bit of work left on the engine model. The cockpit is kind of half-baked at the moment, the visuals are a bit messy, especially the connection between the external and the internal model that’s all glitchy. That’s why we’re just going to look down today. I’d rather not show the gunsight and the canopy framework.

The P-47 external currently looks like this. Very long process to get the model to this point because so much of the work cannot be shown with screenshots. The model is fully articulated, and has all the internal parts that are all mapped and animated. There’s also a few sub-variants all in there, with and without the dorsal fin, a couple of different propellers. Only one variant is going to make it into the final game, but it’ll be decided later once the programming begins. Otherwise it’s at least a month of extra work for each of the changes in airframe or the propeller.

With that, I’m off to the exciting world of Triebswerkanschlüsse and Kaltstartvorbereitung.
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