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Originally Posted by Thr0tt View Post
Still looks like a very dated game tbh, sure for the sim cockpit fans probably a real ace sim but for the rest of us a mediocre mil game which is just too hard to get into. I would assume as they are still updating someone is buying.

I would love to get into the game btw but even with video instruction, printed off loads of papers, keyboard overlays, wearing goggles and stuff I still couldnt get immersed...
I'm not sure what it's missing for you... In terms of it looking dated I agree it does but that is changing all the time. EDGE DX11 is on it's way which could help with performance for some and add some modern technologies to an aging engine. That said there is a ton of new content being worked on even by the likes of Oleg Maddox the creator of IL2. It will take some time but right now DCS has some legs and it looks to have a very bright future.

I'm starting to get back into it starting with the FC3 stuff which is an easier entry point than the hardcore DCS content like A10C etc. The key for me will be if the community grows in the MP area.
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