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DCS: World Update: Update 2
AIM-7M missile. Corrected motor data: thrust, time and fuel flow.
Reduced smokiness level for many planes.
Ka-50 Deployment campaign. Corrected mission #5 Night Hunt.
Fixed ARM missile explodes right after launch.
Czech, German, French and Russian localisation updates.
Fixed JTAC doesn't answer.
Fixed bug with hiding mission editor layers cause graphic artifacts and the mission editor.
Fixed bug with A2A refueling of AI.
Fixed crash at ground unit sounds.
CA. Fixed bug with IR pointer and laser when spot freeze in the space, when exiting binocular view.
JTAC callsign will display in F10 menu.
Su-27. RLS lock lamps blinks correctly.
Multiplayer. Fixed client’s crash when switching slot after changing radio receive mode.
Added more compatibility with earlier DCS mission.
Corrected JTAC assignment procedure in ME.
FC3. Localizer bar on HSI for russian airplanes is fixed.
Mi-8. Server crash, when client fires GUV id fixed.
UH-1H. Corrected animation of door gunners.
UH-1H. Corrected AI targeting of door gunners.
Fixed error when player try contact JTAC.
Mi-8MTV2. Pedals work with keyboard.
Fixed crash when SA-6 missile hits the target.
Fixed bug with wrong course set of Patriot template.
The Su-33 location on carrier deck is corrected.
Fixed gun sound freezes, if aircraft is damaged.
Mi-8: R-863 radio fix.
CA. Fixed bug if player take control after shot AI, tank ignores rearm-time for gun.
CA. Tanks ammo count and reload time are adjusted.
CA. Corrected AP shots 105, 120, 125mm.
UH-1H. Corrupted cockpit night illumination is fixed.
F-15C. The holes in the cockpit external model are eliminated.
UH-1H. The tail rotor drive shaft arguments are corrected.
UH-1H. Updated fight dynamics.
UH-1 and Mi-8. Corrected some weights.
UH-1H. Multiplayer. Tail rotor is absent on network phantom bug is corrected.
UH1H. Tail rotor direction fix.
UH-1H. Tail rotor rotation in multiplayer is corrected.
UH-1H. Corrected hints of crew control.
UH-1H. Spinup time decreased.
Mi-8. Adjusted wheels friction.
Mi-8. The engine’s IR suppressor will impact to engine dynamics.
The ALQ-131 weight is adjusted.
The ALQ-184 weight and drag are adjusted.
UH-1H. Updating UH-1H instant missions
P-51D. Added new P-51D takeoff training track.
Corrected sound effect of Mach cone.
Mi-8. Multiplayer. Network phantom lacks engine exhaust and tail rotor bugs are corrected.
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