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The machines that we played on were provided by NVIDIA. The specifications of these machines were:

AMD 3200XP+
1 Gigabyte of RAM
Geforce 6800 GT
Windows XP
1024x768 and the detail setting was on the highest.

cool got everything but the video card, but ill never get nvidia
CPU-Z Validated system specs
Sh4dowGr1p on BF3
Samsung 43" 3D PLASMA PN43D490 l XBOX 360 20GB - PS3 40GB -
Saitek Eclipse | My Games | Panasonic 37" TC-37LZ800

Gigabyte mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo
GSkill 4GB 2x2
Seagate 120GB
Pioneer DVD Burner
Logitech Elite
Windows 7 Pro

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