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I have been holding off commenting on this. Partly because most problems people have with drivers, games, etc that they blame on drivers is actually caused by other software, the user, or windows itself. Even those that AMD acknowledges and takes responsibility for.

If you take a look at Nvidia's driver details, they have a fixed list (AMD has this), a known issue list (AMD has this), a new additions/options explanation detail area (AMD has similar when new features or changes come out), and one thing that AMD doesn't have, and I don't think ever will. A section that BLAMES issues on Windows/Microsoft.

Now, my son has an Nvidia card in his machine. He has issues once and a while. Usually resolved by installing the latest drivers, or a game update (but not always).

I have AMD, I generally don't have any issues. When I do, it is usually caused by me, because I am always tinkering with stuff. Or, it's a bad game update. There have been the rare occasions that it was a driver issue. Very rare.

This leads me to this past couple weeks. I have had a couple issues with a few games. Mainly really bad stuttering in Rainbow Six Siege for months now after one of their game updates, so I was always blaming the update, sometimes every few seconds, sometimes every minute or so.

I spent the last 2 weeks trying everything to track it down, every fix on the internet (something I have tried before in the past) I was to the point of blaming the AMD/Drivers for a change. (the main reason I hadn't responded to this thread).

Well today, I finally said screw it, I am going to completely wipe my machine and do a re-install. Something I really didn't want to do. But I did. I first tested the games that gave me problems after windows was done installing and updated. No issues, ran perfect. I installed chipset drivers, tested again.. NO issues. I installed the GPU drivers, No issues. So, Drivers have been eliminated.

list of order of install and testing result after every new installation of software:

Chrome - no issues
Aida 64 - no issues.
Thunderbird - no issues

Microsoft Office 2016 and Adobe reader (had the key for office saved to pdf as it was a digital purchase) - all issues appeared -read below

So, I was ready to blame Office or Adobe. I restored back to before Aida 64 was installed (forgot to save a point before Office install). Tested to make sure all worked properly - It did. I was about to try to install office 16 again, but realized that I did one step and didn't test before the install. Because my installation files for office 2016 are stored on my home server, I had to turn on file sharing to access the local network drives. I did not test any game after turning on file sharing, prior to installing Office.

This time I turned on file sharing and did my tests, and found out that it is either Microsoft's file sharing or something related to it. Still working on how to fix this, and a little confused, because all is fine until I turn it on after restoring back to prior to turning it on. But after turning it on, the problems start, and continue even if I disable it, but not restore back to prior.

I would have never found the right path of the cause if I didn't go step by step with testing at every step. I almost missed it because I didn't test after the simple step of turning on file sharing.

The moral of all of this is, don't be so quick to point fingers at Drivers. Even if AMD takes the blame. It can be as simple as a common setting in windows causing it.
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