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MNB4800 knows why the caged bird singsMNB4800 knows why the caged bird singsMNB4800 knows why the caged bird singsMNB4800 knows why the caged bird singsMNB4800 knows why the caged bird sings


Another semi busy month:

541-Dauntless: I practically killed every monster minus the last two because the game became such a grind that I just couldn't bother to continue. It is far worse than MHW and far too simplified.

542-Dead Cells + DLC: I enjoyed this game far more than I expected, especially after the initial frustration as I died way too easily and often. Still, I couldn't play at higher difficulties and the novelty of rogue like just didn't fit my taste.

543-Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: Practically the best game I finished this month. Despite being a great game, I feel it just can't stand up to the classic that is SOTN. Also I can easily and clearly see shortcuts being made in the production side: Reused monsters, repeating level sections, lack of animations, lack of voice overs...etc. As much as how solid the core gameplay is, the game suffers in almost everything else. I just hope this isn't the best that kickstarters can produce when it comes to production values.

544-Mega Man X: Pretty hard compared to the first in the X series that I played which was X4. Still enjoyed it and overall a solid Megaman experience.

545-Mega Man X2: I think this fell apart fast with cheap level designs aimed to get you killed and poor enemies and bosses. The game is just too hard even with playing it in Rookie Hunter Mode.
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