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I just installed the cata 12.3 and cf app profile 12.3 cap 1 well i want to use the lates because of the fixes.

i notices that all the gpu are now is running hot, but only the 2 nd gpu is not thothling down too 2d when the pc is not doing anythin...1-3-4 are going down to 2d 250 / 150 and at idle they are 40-43 still the 2nd gpu is 70-75 still, i ran the avptool benchmark and it seems that i saw 1 card going to 103 degrees..and i got ok airflow....i will tho be getting a nzxt phantom fulltower soon so i can use my Alpenföhn K2 CPU-Kühler - 120/140mm køler in it, the antec 1200 i have now is not wide enough

Hopefully the nzxt pahantom full tower will give me more airflow and everything will not be so crowded it in like it is in my antec 1200.

and the Alpenföhn K2 CPU-Kühler - 120/140mm køler will also provide better cpu cooling and better oc potencial.

i do hope amd / ati will come with a hotfix soon or a beta, that fixes the gpu problem and runs cooler one the gpu's.
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