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Originally Posted by JAKJ
Pump those girly-man muscles and chug down the wieght gain shakes

Its all about Protien Protien Protien, lots of meat eggs etc

No more weight gain shakes.

Well, then again, my only experience was from 2+ years of GNCs weight gainer 2200 Gold.......ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nasty nasty nasty.

Too thick, tasted like what i presume chalk would taste like, and it would take me nearly 30 mins to guzzle down an entire blender full of that crap.

Theres got to be more alternatives in the way of real foods?

Whats this "whey" that i keep hearing about.

Oh, and as far as eggs are concerned, im all for it , but should i be concerned about the cholesterol levels associated with eggs?

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