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Cooling Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU cooler review

This Monday saw the launch of a new high-end CPU cooler for both AMD and Intel systems by Cooler Master, the quite frankly massive Hyper Z600. With a weight of over 1KG, and the ability to cool many current processors passively without the need for additional fans, it promises to be a cooling powerhouse. Elite Bastards take a look at this cooler to see if it has a heavyweight status to match its specification.

An early look at the listed specifications confirms that the cooler makes use of six copper heat pipes attached to a copper base, with a large number of aluminium fins to dissipate that heat. The Hyper Z600 comes with no fans by default, but is only recommended to be used in this passive configuration with CPUs that sport a TDP of up to 89 Watts - Anything above this, and you'll either need some decent chassis-based cooling or to install a 120mm fan on the Z600 itself. Speaking of which, the cooler supports the installation of either one or two 120mm fans to aid with cooling.

Read the full review at Elite Bastards.
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