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Originally Posted by Gator
Well I've looked on my own PC and done a websearch, but I am unable to figure out what the hell bridge32.dll or bridged32.dll is. My advice is to download and run Startup Control Panel and disable any unneeded or unknown programs from windows bootup. Hopefully that'll resolve the problem, maybe some program you don't even need is trying to launch it at boot.

If you have trouble finding NOTEPAD.EXE on your XP cd, lemmy know and I'll just email it to you.
ok the problem is no longer that notepad.exe isn't on my computer, but when using text documents it wont allow me to use notepad...if that makes sense..

Its like a registry entry is missing and when clicking .txt files it will ask me what program it should use and notepad isn't on the list and cannot be added. Isn't it registry that will tell what program to use when opening a certain file?
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