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Originally Posted by Sasquach View Post
If your looking at Corollas I'd recommend looking for a Scion IM.
Its basically a Corolla hatchback, but has an independent rear suspension and comes with the 137hp valvematic variant of the 1.8L engine. It handles a bit better than a vanilla Corolla and it gets great gas mileage like a Corolla.
When the Scion brand bit the dust it got moved over to the Toyota Corolla lineup and became the Corolla IM.

Its a bit tighter in the rear though (shorter car) so if rear legroom is a concern you'd want to check it out first or ignore it completely. That gen corolla has a huge back seat.

They can be had for a good price, with likely lower kms/miles. A lot probably has to do with the lack of desirability of the Scion brand and lack of driver assists (before it became a thing).
It only exists in 2016 (Became a Corolla IM in 2017, and I think gained some of the aforementioned driver assists)
Those do look sexy and the price isn't too bad either. Those are now other options, thanks.

Anybody have any experience with Nissans though?
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