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well haswell is using DDR3, so 2014 at the earliest. Even then, in a recession none of the companies are that enthusiastic about introducing a new format like DD4, especially when u can buy 16gb of DDR3 for $65. 16gb with a Haswell CPU will most probably handle all our computing needs well into 2016. Heck my Sandy bridge @ 4.5 is 2 years old now but i think i'll hold on to it for another 2 years as it burns through everything i throw at it. computer development, especially cpu development, has slowed down to a crawl simply because the software being developed is simply not that demanding. That might change with next gen consoles, but from early reports they're really not gonna be that high end, so a haswell with 16gb DDR3 is gonna last u for a looooooooong time.
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