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_-F10-_ is still being judged by the masses


Originally Posted by Hidavi
Don't sweat him. He just got overly upset because I posted something that spoke against Nintendo.
lol. qft

still though, while I guess I was still addressing him, it goes for everyone.

PC card carrying *******s who, if not accomdated or if offended in some small way or if not agreed with, they pull some kinda PC bs right at the last second just so they can feel justifed that they are talking to a bigot/racist/dullard whatever so they don't feel so bad about themselves
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Originally Posted by Vandelay
Sometimes if porn ain't downloading fast enough, I just run Mafia, get some hand lotion, and have a great time.
Originally Posted by |FRITZ|Dude uber your ****ing huge. Just walk up to the twat and pump your fist..that'll do it. :bleh:
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